Netflix Is Planning For Ozark Spinoff, Here’s All To Know

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netflix Ozark Spinoff
Ozark, Netflix's original series

With the wrapping up of the popularly acclaimed Television series of Netflix, Ozark on 29th April 2022, its makers are hinting at its spinoff soon. It may follow the story from the original series. The showrunners can be seen hinting to its audiences by stating that although the original series is officially ended on their part, there is still a lot in the story that can be explored through different perspectives.

Ozark is an American Television series based on crime and drama. It was created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams and is produced by MRC television and Aggregate films. There are a total of 4 seasons that have been featured on Netflix starting from July 2017 to April 2022. It stars Jason Kent Bateman as Martin Byrde or simply Marty. He is a Chicago-based financial advisor, who launders money for a Mexican drug cartel in partnership with his partner.

He later shifts to the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, along with his wife, Wendy Byrde (played by Laura Leggett Linney), and his two children. The purpose is the expansion of his money laundering business. Later his money-laundering scheme goes wrong, and he finds himself entangled in a grave situation amongst the local criminals along with some big mafias. And the series follows the events all around this scenario.

Netflix ozark spinoff
Wendy and Marty in Ozark

The last episode

Season 4 was released in two parts with a total of 14 episodes. The last episode of the series is titled ‘A Hard Way to Go’ and revolves around the events including Ruth, Wendy, Nathan, Jonah, Charlotte, Navarro, and Camila. Ruth and Navarro die in this episode. The last scene is where Jonah is seen outside the Byrde house with a gun, and later the screen goes black with a gunshot.

Netflix ozark spinoff
One of the last seen of Ozark in season 4 episode 14

Let’s just keep these details up to here only. For more details regarding the episode, and details about the show, following the series on Netflix is a must! 

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The Spinoff speculations

The director and Bateman have described the ending as “a happy ending — but a limping one“. The ending is a complete ending, at least for the Byrde family. One of the Executive producers of the show, Chris Mundy, teased that this story may not be the last story to tell in the series. And hence, the speculations being made about the spinoff of Ozark by Netflix cannot be ruled out. 

Netflix ozark spinoff
The team of Ozark in an online interview

However, the makers are clear about the follow-ups from this series. Any show that may be based on Ozark and released by Netflix in the future will not feature any of the main characters from the series. This is because Mundy wants to give a clear ending to the show. The continuation of the characters in some other universe is not expected to exist by the makers. 

Chris Mundy quotes his stand as follows:  ‘It is something people have talked about a lot. There is nothing definitive. We are lucky that people really like our show and showing their interest in it. But there are still many ways to stay connected to the show and revisit its various perspectives. I needed to end this show. Whatever the work we did, we did our best. We hope people will like it. And anything that spins off from it should be unique and fresh, even though it is in our universe.’

What could be the possible Spinoff?

As we have seen that the show revolves around the Byrde family and their struggles in the money laundering business. The spinoff may look for the other side of the story. It may follow the story of Omar Navarro (played by Felix Angel Solis), who runs the Mexican drug cartel. This may involve Claire Shaw’s pharmaceutical company and its role in the cartel. It may also show up the effects of the functioning of the drug cartel on the different areas of the country. 

Netflix is showing its keen interest in making up a spinoff project after the success of Ozark. But this will probably be the first time that Netflix will work on a new series that belongs to the same universe as they normally franchise original series. 

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