Wentworth Season 7 Episode 2: ‘Payback’ Streaming And Spoilers

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Wentworth Season 7 Episode 2

In this post, we are going to talk about Wentworth season 7 episode 2 where to watch, and spoilers. The show has finally premiered with its seventh season last week, and fans were very happy to see the show back. However, it is mainly about the Australian audience, as the American audience will give to wait a bit before they can watch the show.

We are here to discuss the second episode, although it would be important to know what happened in the first episode. The first episode had everything revolving around Ruby and Rita, which must have hurt many. There are other even better characters that can be given the central focus, but this is happening since the previous season. We saw Rita asking Ray to go on in his life, and forget about her. Vera was taken as a hostage when Dope head girl attacked, although Dr. Miller got things under control.

The show is now one episode deep into its seventh season, and the second episode is supposed to release this week. The second episode of Wentworth season 7 is scheduled to release on 4 June 2019. The show is broadcasted on Showcase channel in Australia, at 8.30 PM on Tuesdays. However, the American audience will have to wait for Netflix to add the show.

Usually, Netflix adds the full season after it completes its television run in Australia. Which means, American viewers have no other option but to wait for a few months. The upcoming episode is titled ‘Payback.’ I hope in the upcoming episode, there will be more focus on the other characters, and not just Rita and Ruby.

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