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Fortnite: 14 Days of Summer Start Time, Event Leaks, And Promo

14 Days of Summer
14 Days of Summer promo image.

The 14 Days of Summer is the upcoming event in Fortnite, and it’s only a few hours away. The reverse countdown has begun as gamers all around the world waiting anxiously for the event to kick-off. The previous week had been a real test for gamers as with all those and leaks, it was tough to keep the nerves under check, however, thankfully, Epic Games revealed that the much-anticipated event would kick-off today.

The official post from Epic Games indicated that there would be new events every day through this entire event where players can complete each one and earn bonuses. Daily challenges and rewards will be up for grabs, and a new LTM will be included as well.

Fortnite: 14 Days of Summer Promo

According to reports, Epic will be ‘unvaulting’ a new weapon every single day, and players will be able to access new skins and items in the in-game shop. However, the weapon will have a limited timeline, which is going to be for only 24 hours. The limited time events which have been included are Wick’s Bounty, Heavy Metal Squads and Tank Battle Squads.

List of all the LTM events leaked:

  • Heavy Metal Squads
  • Storm Chasers: Surfin’ (squads)
  • Splashdown Squads
  • Power Up Solos
  • Leave None Behind Duos
  • Use With Care Duos
  • Headshots Duos
  • Tank Battle Squads
  • Builders Paradise Squads
  • Wick’s Bounty Duos
  • Arsenal (Solos)
  • Rumble Squads
  • Loadout Swap Squads
  • Strategic Structures Squads

You can get the full details of each of the events on the official website of Fortnite Master.

Fortnite: 14 Days of Summer Start Time

According to reports, the 14 Days of Summer event should start around 2 pm BST on June 25, 2019.