One Piece Anime Reveals New Preview For Wano Country Arc

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One Piece is mere days away from entering the Wano Country arc in the anime, and if you’ve been following everything that’s been happening in the community, you probably know that it’s been hyped since the last 2-3 months now. Before today, we already had 2 PVs for Wano Country arc out, and now the third PV dropped which has gotten the fans even more hyped for Wano than before!

You can check out the new PV below:

As you can see, there are lots of new details in this PV, which includes Luffy fighting against some members of the Beasts Pirates, along with Zoro going extra on some Samurai of Wano Country.

The PV also features an instrumental of the upcoming 22nd Opening of One Piece, called Over The Top, which is going to be performed by Hiroshi Kitadani.

The preview seems to tease stuff from the first three episodes, and not just the next one, which leads me to believe that this month of One Piece will be exceptionally good. I’m already very excited for Wano Country arc, and I hope you guys are too. This arc has been hyped by Oda to be gigantic compared to even Marineford, so let’s hope it lives up to the expectations.

What are your thoughts on Wano Country? Do you think it’ll surpass Marineford? Let me know in the comments section!

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