Fruit Basket (2019) Episode 14: Streaming and update Details, Momiji’s Deep Secret

Fruits Basket 2019 follows the story of Tohru Honda, who always thought her life was living collection of misfortune when her family died, which left her living in a tent. Soma Clan finds her the take our dear Tohru into their protection and now she lives with beautiful friends like Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Soma. This simple, beautiful life was filled with a deep secret which was Soma Clan has a strange mystery of their own which was when the opposite sex hugs them, they turn into the animals of the Zodiac Sign.

Fruit Basket (2019) is a remake of original Fruit Basket anime which aired back on Jul 5, 2001, and ended its 24 episodes long series on Dec 27, 2001. The present running series of this anime is set to be 24 episodes long as well.

Fruits Basket 2019 Trailer And Episode 1 Synopsis

Fruits Basket 2019 Episode 14 fans will see Momiji’s visit to Tohru, and reveal a heartbreaking truth about his mother. Momiji voluntarily tells Tohru about his family, describing he has only had one sister who does not have the transformation curse. According to the synopsis of this episode, Momijij reveals that some guardians are not trusting their child’s curse, and that includes his mother. When she hugged him after he was born, he turned into a rabbit, and she was not ready to accept that truth. The forthcoming episode will acknowledge that, following the event of his birth, Momiji’s mother decided to have her memories erased so he could forget about Momiji and his curse.

Fruit Basket (2019) Episode 14 Stream Info

Fruits Basket 2019 Episode 14 update is set for July 06, 2019. Fans can watch this episode on official streaming site Crunchyroll.

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