Girls Planet 999 : Mnet Introduces New Japanese Contestants Dance to ‘O.O.O’

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Girls Planet 999
Courtesy of Mnet

Mnet’s Girls Planet 999 have now revealed their talented Japanese contestants. After the ‘O.O’O’ from Korean and Chinese contestants, it was time for the Japanese girl contestants. Now that the trailer performances are released, the show will move forward with the actual competition. Girls Planet 999 is a new survival show to find the next Kpop girl group. Survival reality shows are pretty standard in South Korea. Moreover, groups like TWICE, Stary Kids, and ENHYPEN are the results of survival shows. So, are you ready to witness a new journey?

The Japanese trainees also performed to ‘O.O.O’ just like their Korean and Chinese companions. The reality show consists of 99 girl trainees belonging to Korean, Japanese, and Chinese ethnicity. All of the three groups have 33 trainees each. With the dream of debuting as a new girl group, these 99 trainees will work passionately to reach their goals.

Girls Planet 999 Japanese Trainees Performance

The latest clip from Mnet dropped on July 16, 2021. The audience met the Japanese group as they delivered a power rocking group performance. They performed the single, O.O.O (Over&Over&Over). Written by and Hwang Hyun, the song is full of energy, showing the mindsets of the trainees of achieving their dream despite the language and culture barrier.

Program’s dance masters, Baek Gu Yeong and Jang Ju Hee choreographed the performance just like previous ones. Watch the J-group performance down below:

Mnet’s new competition reality show will debut on August 6, 2021. You can easily stream it on Mnet’s Youtube channel. Yeo Jin Goo (Hotel Del Luna) will be hosting the show. Meanwhile, Girls Generation’s Tiffany and Sunmi will serve as the Kpop masters. The two Kpop stars will advise the young girls and guide them throughout the show.

Girls Planet 999
Sunmi and SNSD’s Tiffany

After Kingdom: Legendary War, Mnet is ready for a Kpop Survival reality show. Although the concept is different, Mnet keeps on bringing new content. So, make sure to stream Girls Planet 999.

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