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The God of High School Episode 12 update, Preview, and Spoilers

God of High School

Let’s take a look at the story that happens in ancient, mythical times a nine-tailed fox spirit that attained immense power resides in Heaven. After a thousand years of training, it was appointed as the guardian of the God who rules Heaven. Even God himself began to fear the fox spirit until he ordered its execution. Outraged at this betrayal the fox spirit destroy half of Heaven using its power then descended to earth. Once it has exhausted all of its power the fox spirit swore revenge on God.

Back to the tournament, Mori is in a battle with Illypyol who people thought he was defeated but the fox spirit enters his body and he wakes up. He is in a form of a half-human half-fox. Mori is shocked to see him meanwhile Park Mujin sense the energy of the nine-tailed fox spirit that destroyed half of Heaven in ancient times. Sang thinks that the Key has awakened and that’s the power that defies God. He told Mijin that he is going to make sure that it sleeps for all eternity this time.

This week we will be looking at The God of High School Episode 12 update, preview, and recap. Let’s find out below about the powers of the nine-tailed fox spirit. Let us take a look at more details below.

God of High School Episode 12 will be released on Monday, 21 September 2020, at 11:30 PM JST. The new episode of God of High School is released every Monday. Let’s take a look at the recap and preview below.

God of High School

God of High School

Previously on The God of High School Episode 11

Mujin said he can’t let Sang go to do that. Back to the battle, Mori decided to stay calm and not charge blindly he walks slowly towards Illypyol. He started to throw massive punches that didn’t make an impact on Illypyol. Mori is trying to figure out Illypyol’s abilities and Illypyol uses Taekkyon: The Transience of Life. He started teleporting to different places confusing Mori. He sends Mori flying using a flying knee while Mori is on the air he throw wind kicks that landed on Mori.

Illypyol started to throw brutal attacks towards Mori without stopping. Mori fell down and gets up he copied Illypyol’s technique and unleashed a Blue Dragon Tempest attack. Illypyol dodges the attack and landed a heavy punch on Mori’s stomach telling him it won’t work. Mori falls down on his knees and tries to figure out what to do. Mori notices that Illypyol is in pain after Illypyol touches his head. Illypyol told Mori that he must not worry about anything.

Mori gets up and shows Illypyol that he is on his level. The fight is now 50/50 they are both blocking and attacking at the same time. Mori discovered that Charyeok isn’t just about borrowing someone else’s power. He thinks it is ultimately when he is fighting with his own body and mind. Illypyol covers the ring with demos foxes in a ball of fire and Mori got powers from the Heavens and uses his fist to end the fire. Illypyol summons a Night Parade of 1oo Demons.

Mori got fired up and destroy them in an instant and he destroys Illypyol using the big hand of God. They announce that Jin Mori is a winner nad Muji defeated Sang. Later Mori visits Illypyol at the hospital and he told Mori that he is fine. They end up becoming good friends later Illypyol reaches home and fight with the villain who killed hid beloved ones. Sang regenerate and he is heading for a Key. Mujin announce that the God of High School is over.

The God of High School Episode 12 Preview

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