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Seraph of the End Chapter 97 News

Seraph of the End

Shinoa sends Mitsuba to apprehend someone who is about to arrive and Krul keeps them under control. She said that she is the queen of the vampire. Meanwhile, Yoichi lies nearby and Krul finds her hands covered in a large amount of vomit with a copious amount of it in her hair. She screams and breaks out of the building, Yu and Kimizuki show up after hearing the screams. Kimizuki asks Yoichi what is going on and Yu realizes that Krul is no around.

Yu said that Asuramaru’s sister was going to help him save Mika and he tries to look outside. Krul said that there is no need for him to do that since many enemies are looking for him and he doesn’t have to be seen around. Yu looks at Kimizuki and Yu asks if Krul just went outside and why her hair is wet.  Rul said that she won’t answer childish questions and she explains that a vampire’s rank is decided by how thickly the first’s blood runs in them and how long they have lived.

Seraph of the End Chapter 97 Recap

Seraph of the End Chapter 97 will be released on Thursday, 3 December 2020. Seraph of the End will still continue to release its new chapter every month. The spoilers of Seraph of the End Chapter 97 will be available three days before the chapter is released. We will keep you updated about the spoilers. Take a look at the recap below.

Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End

Previously on Seraph of the End Chapter 96

Yu teases Krul by asking if she is three years old and Kimizuki cannot believe that he is teasing Krul. Kimizuki knows that Krul is a third progenitor and she can kill them in a blink of an eye. Krul didn’t attack them since they are friends and Yu continues teasing them. He also said that Mika was stuck in the vampire world and Krul saved him. Krul remembers when Mika drinks her blood and ceased to be human. Later Krul thinks whether she really should rip the lot of them limb from limb.

Kimizuki turns to Yu and said that they must stop messing around. Krul teaches them how to rescue Mika and they are so excited to hear it. Yu had a flashback when he trains with Guren and he got knocked out and Guren talks about getting revenge on vampires. Guren told Yu that he could not handle it however Yu felt otherwise. Yu console Guren and he told Yu to get stronger and Yu came back daying that he will kill vampires because they have killed Mika.

Presently Yu guesses that it was Guren who raised him. Kimizuki does not know or care. Shinoa adds that the Lt. Colonel does have an extremely bad attitude and Yu agrees that it is Guren’s fault. Mitsuba feels this is not the case rather than Yu was born with a horrible attitude. Yoichi feels he is sobering up and Krul listens to them intending to be serious. Krul thinks if she raised them then none of them would have turned out remotely this stupid. Mika certainly didn’t.

Later Krul remembers that the two arms emerge from Mika’s mouth and Krul wants Yu to prove it if he really wants to save Mika. Yu notices that Krul is serious and he bows down in front of her and apologizes for his behavior. Yu asks Krul to please teach him how to rescue Mika. Yu reveals that Mika’s life is more important than his life and Krul said she will help him if he listens to her.

Krul asks how many of them possess black demon weapons. Yu, Kimizuki, and Yoichi raise their hands and she asks if they know their enemies. They reply that they are trying to survive they know nothing about them. Krul said that she will teach them everything and their plan began 8 years and it was brought to her by a girl named Mahiru Hīragi.

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