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OnePlus Confirms Yet Another Security Breach

One Plus Breach

There has already been a security breaching issue faced by OnePlus7 customers in 2018, which released credit card information and affected 40k people. No sooner did the people recover from it than came the warning of another security breach as a result of unauthorized access to users’ information.

The company informed its customers about the breach through emails that it was done by an unauthorized party. Further, it mentioned that the customer’s name, contact numbers, emails, and addresses might have been put at risk of exposure; however, all payment information, passwords, and accounts have remained safe.

One more concerning matter is why did OnePlus take more than a week’s time to inform people about the breach, however when asked, as commented by the brand, they said, ” We took immediate steps to stop the intruder and reinforce security. Right now, we are working with the relevant authorities to investigate this incident further and protect your data.”

It was clarified by the brand they people who did not receive an email; it is probable that their information has remained safe and unaffected by the breach. No comment was made by the brand on how many people have been affected by the breach; however, they alerted people to beware of spam and phishing emails.

When, even under such a huge brand, people’s safety, and info is put to risk, it shakes their dependability and trust. Although the brand has shown utmost concern in fighting the breach, the real losses are not known as to how much information was leaked and what can be the misuse of such information.

As an attempt to recover from the incident, the brand assured people that they were upgrading the security programs and made a partnership with world-renowned security. Further, they launched a newfor the OnePlus 7 series, which brings OxygenOs Version 10.0.2. They also made several system optimizations and improvements and are looking promising to serve the customers in the future.