Polygon Pictures Renames Malaysia Studio After Buying More Shares in the Company

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Polygon Pictures is a famous Japanese animation studio. It was established in 1983 and is one of the renowned animation studios. They have created a wide range of content, from commercials to Emmy Award winning animated series Transformers Prime and Star Wars: The Clone War. Polygon Pictures develops animation content for films, video games, VR experiences, and more.

The studio created the animated series Tron: Uprising for Disney XD, which received four nominations along with Star Wars: The Clone War at the 2013 Annie Awards, where Tron: Uprising won the award for Character Design and Production Design. In the same year, PPI established a joint venture studio in Malaysia with the name Silver Ant PPI Sdn. Bhd. to set up their foot in the international market. PPI recently bought additional shares in their Malaysian venture and renamed it as Polygon Pictures Malaysia. 

The studio has 90 staff members who work in video production and do their best to provide high quality video content. Both companies work towards producing video content using 3DCG. As the demand for animated content grew worldwide, PPI acquired additional shares in the Malaysian venture. This step would help the company to promote international production activities. As a further step, Silver Ant PPI’s name was changed to Polygon Pictures Malaysia.  

Such a change would allow both companies to strengthen collaborations with each other and affiliate companies and to develop animated content in ‘the globally popular Japanese style.’ The company would continue to maintain relations with the strategic partner Silver Ant. 

 Yoichi Ataka
Yoichi Ataka, CEO of Polygon Pictures Malaysia Sdn Bhd

The CEO of Polygon Pictures Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Yoichi Ataka, released a statement regarding the changes. He expressed his gratitude towards their local partner Silver Ant, other local and overseas studios, vendors, educational institutions, and industries and asked for their support. `

In 2021, Polygon Pictures established its subsidiary in Thane, Maharashtra, India, with the name Polygon Studios India Private Limited. The CEO, Sandeep Betharia, was a member of the Polygon group for a long time as he was a technical director at the studios and also played an essential role in establishing Silver Ant PPI. He was also in the board of directors until 2019. 

Polygon India is given the responsibility of rigging work which, according to the studios, is an important part of the CG production process. The company established its subsidiary in India with a capital of ₹7,000,000 (approximately US$94,165.12). Shuzo Shiota, CEO, and President of Polygon Pictures was decided as a board member at Polygon Private India Limited. 

Polygon Pictures is quite famous in Japan for its animated series ‘Ajin’ and film trilogy Godzilla: Kaiju Wakusei. Lost in Oz: Extended Adventure, an animated series produced by Polygon Pictures and Amazon, won three out of the five nominations at the  44th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards in 2017. ‘Ronja the Robber’s Daughter’, the animated series produced by Polygon Pictures, and  Goro Miyazaki, won the Animation Award at the International Emmy Kids Awards in 2016. The studio’s recent projects include the anime series Pacific Rim: The Black and Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy.

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