Deadliest Devils In Chainsaw Man: Top 15 Devils Ranked

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In the iconic Chainsaw Man anime and manga series, Denji encountered major fierce enemies and companions, even making a few devils his friends or allied forces. Many fans are now questioning who triumphed in the battle between Denji and the Eternity Devil and whether Denji is more potent than the Eternity Devil following the entrance of the Eternity Devil, which introduced a series of storyline shocks that change both space and time.

While some devils seem as frail as mortals, some breathe life into our nightmares. This raises the question: Who are Chainsaw Man’s most deadly devils? Here we have a list of the top 15 Deadliest Devils Chainsaw Manhas ever seen!

15. Justice Devil

We begin our list with Justice Devil. It feeds off of people’s sense of fairness and uses it as a practical power to carry out righteousness. The complete extent of this power is still unknown to us, but based on appearances, the devil now appears to be just as potent as the real sense of fair play.

She can move very swiftly in her changed condition and launch attacks in a matter of seconds. She was able to instantly murder Asa Mitaka by slicing through both her flesh and head.

Justice Devil
Justice Devil; Credits: YouTube

14. Ghost Devil

Due to their tremendous power and quick regeneration, demons are challenging to combat, yet you can’t see or feel them. You will encounter situations like that when you battle the ghost devil, who can instantly turn invisible and even intangible. Due to the lack of sight, this devil must rely on people’s anxieties to sense his presence.

The Ghost Demon is a gigantic devil with an elongated, slightly cylindrical body. Its chest is covered in flowers of white color with yellow and pink centers, and it lacks legs in favor of multiple arms. In the colored manga, the flesh on the arms and legs appears to be grey, but the color varies depending on the setting. Its head has long, dark, curling, or wavy hair and cheeks that appear sunken; it looks elderly and dry. The Ghost Devil’s mouth and eyes are closed with stitches.

Aki was capable of defeating the ghost devil, nonetheless, by repressing his worries. However, not everyone possesses Aki’s intelligence, making them vulnerable to being overcome by the ghost devil’s overwhelming strength.

Ghost Devil
Ghost Devil; Credits: Twitter

13. Bomb Devil

The hybridized version of the bomb demon known as Bomb Girl, also known as Reze or Lady Reze, adds to the roster of hybrids in Chainsaw Man. This demon can use various portions of her flesh as bombs, living up to her moniker. She is resistant to these explosions, as was seen in Chapter 48, enabling her to use herself as a ruse.

Bomb Devil
Bomb Devil; Credits; ArtWork

Reze’s skill could seem a little archaic in comparison to demonic abilities. She is a strong warrior in many situations nevertheless, as these bombs harm the majority of devils. Not to mention that the bomb devil is currently a hybrid, making it almost impossible to defeat her. She was Denji’s sweetheart for 12 chapters, as some of her fans may recall.

12. Blood Devil

Blood Devil
Blood Devil; Credits: Reddit

The blood devil’s demon shape is represented by Chainsaw Man’s Power, a fan favorite. She loves to make a mess for everyone around her and is the most erratic character in the franchise. Her primary skill is the creation of blood-based weaponry for various devil combat techniques. It enables her to battle foes in all situations while being adaptable and unpredictable.

But she hides a might that can win any battle behind her erratic demeanor. All of the devils and the CSM versions of them can heal themselves by ingesting blood. Power can alter the efficiency of her blood, after all. She employs this power to combat Makima’s powerful rejuvenation, which ultimately led to her demise.

11. Curse Devil

Curse Devil; Credits: Epic Dope

Curses may appear to be small nuisances in comparison to deadly attacks by strong devils. But the Curse demon goes this a step further by making curses one of Chainsaw Man’s most potent weapons. Anyone who strikes a deal with this devil can call it forth to murder their prey.

When called, the Curse devil grabs its victim by the shoulder and neck and eats them before stomping over them with its arms. But someone must first be punctured by a cursed nail to be the prey. Although we still don’t fully understand how the cursed devil fights on its own, its abilities are undoubtedly terrifying.

10. Hell Devil

Hell Devil
Hell Devil; Credits: YouTube

For most people, the dread of death or, more specifically, the fear of going to hell after death is common. And the terrifying hell devil comes into being as a result of this widespread terror. The look of this devil is the most horrific of all the devils, with a body resembling a centaur and bare skin that is constantly on fire. However, it usually looks to people like a huge, six-fingered hand dangling in the sky.

The sight of the hell devil becomes less impressive when we concentrate on its might. Its primary ability is the capacity to transfer individuals to and from hell. Although it may seem fatal to humans, most devils who believe both realms to be their home may travel there with ease.

However, if the hell demon so chooses, it may still simply confine anybody there, and who knows, it may eventually gain greater strength. We only once encountered this devil in its true form in Chapter 83.

9. Crossbow Devil

Crossbow devil, presently in the hybrid form of Quanxi, is as distinctive as Pochita. She is an incredibly skilled fighter who is capable of simultaneously firing a large number of arrows at a range of foes. Her arrows each function as a potent bullet, ripping a large hole into her prey. She utilizes a range of weapons to sever foes in close quarters. She was also the one who stopped the doll devil’s puppets from attacking.

Crossbow Devil
Crossbow Devil; Credits: ArtWork

But the crossbow devil’s powers aren’t the only thing that sets her apart. Quanxi, her hybrid mate, influences several other devils too. She has four formidable devils as her fiendish lovers. We haven’t yet seen the devilish abilities of the remaining three buddies, although one of them is the potent Cosmos devil. Without her girlfriends, some people might not even anticipate her to be among the most powerful demons in Chainsaw Man.

8. Doll Devil

Imagine facing thousands of weapons opponents with a hive consciousness if you believe facing one intelligent opponent is risky. That is the worst-case scenario the doll devil might experience. When Santa Claus cut a deal with this demon in Chapter 59, we glimpsed a small portion of this power.

Doll Devil
Doll Devil; Credits: ArtWork

She can construct a group of dolls of humans by simply touching them, and they can even turn their limbs into weapons to pursue demon hunters. Additionally, as the dolls touch other individuals, her authority over them grows. However, the manga makes it plain that this ability doesn’t apply to friends or devils, so think again before you declare her overpowering. Therefore, for the microcontroller to function, it must be nearby.

7. Cosmos Devil

Imagine possessing so much of the universe’s knowledge in your head that you would need to invent a whole realm to hold it. That is the predicament Cosmo, a.k.a. the cosmic demon, is in. She is an omniscient creature who possesses all of the knowledge in the universe.

Cosmos Devil
Cosmos Devil; Credits: SlushTimes

Even though you might anticipate a powerful being to be at the top of our ranking of Chainsaw Man devils, Cosmo’s strength works against him. She has so much information stored in her head that she is unable to reach any of it and can only utter the word “Halloween.”

She’s fortunate since she can also implant all of this knowledge in the brains of her rivals. They are then mentally transported into her omniscient dimension, which resembles a library.

Like Cosmo, the enemy’s mind becomes so overloaded in that situation that all they have to say or think is “Halloween” till they pass away. If unrestrained, its power has the potential to quickly wipe out even the most formidable devils. Fortunately, Quanxi has control over the universe devil, so she won’t be acting in that manner. At least right now.

6. Angel Devil

The angel demon, who has an ironic name, is one of Chainsaw Man’s most underappreciated and potent devils. He can touch any individual and absorb their lifetime. So much for an angel’s blessing. But not only people are impacted by this destructive capacity. The angel devil can transform the lifespans into specific weapons after absorbing them.

Angel Devil
Angel Devil: Credits: Zerochan

The angel devil’s designs, in contrast to the weapons used by other demons, possess a unique power that makes the weapon stronger as the number of sacrificed human years rises. A good illustration of this occurs in Chapter 89 where Chainsaw Man is defeated by the angel Satan, who is being controlled by Makima, using a spear constructed out of a thousand human lifetimes.

5. War Devil

Another one of the Four Horsemen, like Makima, is Yoru, also known as the War Devil. However, for the time being, at least, the control devil is far weaker than the war devil. The war devil suffered physical injuries during her previous encounter with Pochita, weakening both her and the idea of war. This devil can start battles in the world of humans if she manages to fully control the stolen components. We can only anticipate Makima to possess such terrifying control over individuals.

War Devil
War Devil; Credits: YouTube

The war devil can still create extraordinary weaponry out of everyday materials at her disposal and human body parts, even in her weak position. Yoru utilizes the uniform dagger, one of these tools, to sever the Justice Devil in two with a single swipe. Not to mention, the sentimental worth of the transformed object improves the weapon’s power. As a result, we are unable to fathom how potent a weapon built by a close associate of Yoru could be.

4. Control Devil

The Control Devil, also known as Makima, would be the coolest of all the devils, according to the Chainsaw Man. As long as she perceives her victim as weak, she has the authority to order anybody to carry out her orders. She can control people, hybrids, and even devils because of this without thinking about it at all.

Control Devil
Control Devil; Credits: YouTube

She utilizes her power to take on six devils’ powers as her own during the culmination of the first arc of CSM. Not to mention that she is smart and can easily influence international administrations with nothing more than her wits.

She was formerly a member of the Four Horsemen, which are said to be the main antagonists in Chainsaw Man and are based on biblical stories. Later, she left the gang and started working toward her objective of using Chainsaw Man’s abilities to change the world. Makima may have been successful if Power, her blood fiend, hadn’t interfered. Fans are anticipating her imminent comeback because she is undoubtedly one of Denji’s most formidable foes.

3. Gun Devil

Although the mayhem of the gun devil is put to an end by the end of Chainsaw Man’s first arc, his tale is only just beginning. He has a reputation for destroying cities and slaughtering 1.2 million people in less than five minutes, making him one of the quickest devils in the series.

Gun Devil
Gun Devil; Credits: Fiction Horizon

Few can compete with his strength. Even the strong control devil needed six more devils to stand a chance of bringing down 20% of the gun devil, but it didn’t seem to work either.

Well, we can’t begin to comprehend the gun devil’s full body of power. But don’t think of its disjointed body as a flaw. It is really difficult to unite the gun devil and slay him since different world nations control distinct pieces of him. But what if Pochita ate the animal’s corpse? We will just hold on and see, I guess!

2. Darkness Devil

All devils are created out of human worries, as you may know if you’ve seen the Chainsaw Man anime or followed the manga. The devil is more effective when fear is more intense. To elaborate on that idea, the Darkness devil was created as a result of one of the earliest fears that mankind has ever experienced: a dread of darkness. This devil is one of the primal devils, godly creatures who have never died and are only found in hell.

Darkness Devil
Darkness Devil; Credits: Twitter

In Chapter 64 of the Chainsaw Man manga, the Darkness devil effortlessly decapitates several devil hunters, including Denji. Even with just a quick glimpse, we can see it applying intense pressure and resulting in bleeding. Although we haven’t yet seen the full range of its ability, it is obvious that this devil can control the night and alter its surroundings. As the plot develops, Chainsaw Man could have to battle the Darkness devil to establish his claim to the top spot among all the strong devils.

1. Chainsaw Devil

Pochita, often known as the Chainsaw Devil, is without question the most deadly devil in the Chainsaw Man series. Although it would seem like many devils could destroy Chainsaw Man, none of his losses are irreversible. But if Christ prevails, the devil will perish. In the CSM universe, a devil that perishes in the world of humans is reborn in Hell. A devil is resurrected into the world of humans if it dies in hell. At least until that devil encounters Pochita, it appears like there is no resolution to this cycle.

Chainsaw Devil
Chainsaw Devil; Credits: Inverse

When Pochita vanquishes and swallows a devil, both the devil and its dread vanish as well. The Nazi devil is the best illustration of it. Everyone lost track of the Nazis once it was engulfed by the chainsaw devil. The only devils who are immune from this loss of memory are the very strong devils. Not to mention that Pochita can weaken devils by eating portions of them.

All conflicts in the world of humans were constrained to films and television shows after Chainsaw Man ate up a significant portion of the war devil. There is yet no remedy for Pochita’s extraordinary abilities. It makes sense that the devil would try to possess his heart.

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