Boruto Episode 136 – What Is Jiraiya’s Request?

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boruto episode 136

The final battle against Urashiki is finally coming in the next Boruto episode. Urashiki is seemingly defeated in the last episode, but he still has something on his sleeves. With the last battle approaching, the ninjas from the present will soon need to leave the past. In Boruto episode 136, Jiraiya seems like he will have some last words with Sasuke.

In the final battle, Urashiki will consume his own Rinnegan to power up even more. He will actually make Boruto and the others run for their money after powering up. But ultimately, with the combined attack of Boruto and Naruto, the Otsutsuki will finally be destroyed. The harm against past Naruto is finally removed.

Boruto Episode 136
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In the final episode of this arc, Boruto will have to leave Naruto and Jiraiya from the past. This time, Boruto was able to build a bond with the childhood version of his father. He was reluctant to leave the two, which he will never see again. They will eventually part ways, but not before Jiraiya has to say his final words to Sasuke.

According to @OrganicDinosaur’s Twitter post, Jiraiya will talk to Sasuke before the pair leaves. The request is not revealed yet, and we will likely see it next week. Coming back to the present, Boruto reflects about the experience, especially in meeting his Uncle Neji, which he never had a chance in the present. He also seems to reflect on the characteristics of his father, which he now understands more due to meeting his childhood version.

Boruto episode 136 is titled “Transcending Time!!” which will be aired on December 15. After this episode, a new arc about Team 15 is next. Enough with the characters from the past. The series will once again introduce a new character, which might actually replace Sumire. Stay tuned for more updates.

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