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PUBG Developers Will Be Adding A New Game Mechanic To PUBG Labs

PUBG Mobile Season 10
PUBG Mobile (Credits: Tencent)

In a most recent blog post fr PUBG, it was revealed that a new feature that is called Inner Blue Zone. This will act as a camping deterrent as well as an indicator of where the next circle will be. There are some new rules to this which the developers have mentioned. This is only available on PUBG Labs which is a place where developers test me features before adding them into the game. They listen to their fan base and make changes so that the feature is something that their fans will love.

PUBG inner blue zone

As I said, in PUBG there isn’t any indication on where the next zone will be made and what most players do is get to the center of the first zone to increase their chances of winning. These things promoted camping which a few players and the developers are trying to change it by this feature.

You can test this feature on 5 December 11 pm PST to 8 December 11 pm PST. It is available on both TPP/FPP and only available in the 4-man Squad matches. The map that it will available on will be Erangel and will have a maximum player limit of 64. You join this clicking the banner on the left bottom above the ‘START’ button. There are a lot different mechanics of the inner Blue Zone, you can see them right down below:


An inner Blue Zone will now appear from the start of the match until the penultimate phase

The inner Blue Zone will be the same size/location as the next circle

It will be difficult for players to camp in the inner Blue Zone as they will take damage (same damage as the next phase Blue Zone)

• Rules

– Another Blue Zone the “Inner Blue Zone” appears inside the safe zone. (Except the final phase)

– The Inner Blue Zone is the same size/position as the safe zone that will proceed it.

– The damage of the Inner Blue Zone is the same as that of the next Blue Zone phase.

– Item spawn rate is 0.5x higher than public matches.

Faster revives, with a 4-second DBNO revive timer.

If you want to check out the official blog post from PUBG, you can do some by clicking right here.