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AI War 2 Updates Will Make The AI Tougher Than Ever!

AI War 2 has got a new and makers have challenged that this time the AI will be tougher than ever. Recently the makers have released patch notes having approx 15k words of 1.3 update. As per developers, the recentwill feel like a sequel of the game to the players.

AI War 2- the grand strategy game from Arcen Games has been in fans’ booklist from its release in back 2018. The AI mode being very tough has always fascinated gamers, and now makers have decided to make it even more difficult than the previous one in the latest update. Also, there is an opponent type that can switch up its tactical strategies based on the feedback it receives.

Additionally, the AI can decide on its own how it wants to divide its forces depending on the objectives play. Even without the latest the game has been a massive hit at its nascent stage. Even if players haven’t tried the game, the makers have really tried hard so that AI is approachable to everyone. 1.3is currently available on the Steam platform. If players find AI War 2 challenges, then wait for all the features to get disclosed before updating the game, this means that players should now have to face much tougher AI than before.