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The InBetween Season 2 Cancelled: Reason Why There Is No update

A classic Fantasy TV series, The InBetween, is one of the amazing supernatural thrillers to be aired on NBC. The show contains rightful doses of Drama, Supernatural and solid characters arc making it an all-time favorite. The show garnered 2.6 Million viewers in the first week of Season 1 release on May 29, 2019.

The scriptwriter of the series is Moira Kirland, who also wrote and produced important shows like “Haunted” and “Dark Angel.” The director of the series is Charlotte Sieling, also known for his works in ” The Killing” and “Bron.” Now the question is-  Will The InBetween be renewed for Season 2?

What is in The InBetween Plot?

The show follows a woman named Cassie, who possesses some supernatural abilities. Cassie can foresee the future and revisit the past. She can also talk with the dead though it takes a huge toll on her body. Even the dead comes to her for help. Cassie uses her special abilities to help her father and her new partner at the FBI to solve a series of cases.

The adventure of Cassie, which is rooted deep within her own psyche, which brings criminals to justice, becomes the crux of the show. The show is more character-driven, is based on a rigid plot structure but does not take a routine approach, which is a welcome sign.

The show comprises a rollercoaster ride of thrills, scares, and genuinely emotional moments earning wide acclaim in Season 1.

Who was The InBetween Cast?

The lead cast of the show is Cassie Bedford, the supernatural girl, which is played by Harriet Dyer. It is her first work in the United States.

Cassie’s father, Det. Tom Hackett is played by British actor Paul Blackthorne. He is well-known for his work in Oscar-nominated Bollywood film, ” Lagan.”

Damien Asante, the former FBI agent’s role, is played by Yusuf Gatewood, which is recast by Justin Cornwell.

Is The InBetween Renewed for Season 2?

Finally, the million-dollar question- Is Season 2 happening? Season 1, in spite of its highs, has revealed the poor storytelling technique of the series despite the supernatural premise. It has been difficult for the series to stand out among similar titles in terms of content, writing, and acting.

So as per recent reports, Season 2 stands officially canceled for now.