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[Major Update] Dublin Murders Season 2 Will Bring New Cast

Dublin Murders Season 2
Dublin Murders Season 2

The BBC’s latest tentpole crime drama, Dublin Murders is a psychological crime thriller which is premiered on BBC One in the UK, RTE on Ireland, and Starz in the USA. The series is based on Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series and revolves around the detectives  Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox who are ordered to investigate the murder of a girl child in Dublin outskirts.

As the detective duo dives deeper into the crippling case, they unravel a series of buried secrets which goes to the extent of questioning their past and threatening their friendship in the first place. Season 1 of the series adapts the first two novels from the french creation, ‘In the Woods’ and ‘The Likeness’. This Season has got some excellent reviews from seasoned critics and is widely loved by fans all over the world. Now, all eyes are glued towards Season 2, for a greater thrill.

What is Dublin Murders Season 2 Plot?

The series introduces us to Rob who is a smart detective but is way ahead of his peers because of his good hold on English.

Circumstances let him engage with his partner friend Cassie to solve a murder case of a young girl on the outskirts of Dublin. However, who knew that Rob will actually fight against his own darkness while handling the case. The detective duo gets further tested when Rob is dispatched from the case to tackle yet another homicide leaving Cassie to face her own terrifying reckoning.

The series starts with a normal missing and murder case but the detective duo finally discovers that Cassie’s body has been ritualistically draped across an Irish alter located deep within woods. Further investigation reveals that the thirteen-year-old little girl Katty Devlin got her skull ruptured from the miscreants and she was literally suffocated to death.

The series draws inspiration from Celtic Tiger Ireland. The show tries to explore the ‘whodunnit’ scenario and points out how trauma can shape and sometimes mask the memory. It reveals how past memory, false identity and work-related pressure can form a deadly combo to make any person reach his breaking point.

The show presents us with a riveting crime drama and is termed as the best police procedural series which is based on volatile source material. Four books in the Dublin Murder Squad series are likely to be used as source material for Season 2.

Who is Dublin Murders Season 2 Cast?

The protagonists of the show Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox is been played by Killian Scott and Sarah Greene. Killian has delivered some ‘killing’ shows in C.B. Strike and Sarah is known to the audience for her role in Penny Dreadful.

The supporting cast of the series includes Tom Vaughan – Lawlor as Frank, Moe Dunford as Sam, Lean McNamara as Rosalind, Conleth Hill as O Kelly, Peter McDonald as Jonathan among others. All such actors have performed in various other reputed movies and web-series like Tom in Avengers: Infinity War.

Season 2 of Dublin Murders is expected to release in October 2020 though there is no official word yet. We will keep you posted with the latest developments.