‘Rugal’ K-drama Plot, Cast, and Visual

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Rugal. (OCN)

Rugal is an upcoming action thriller K-drama from the Korean cable channel OCN that is an adaption of Rel.mae’s webtoon of the same name.

Rugal stars actors Choi Jin Hyuk (The Heirs, Justice), Park Sung Woong (Bridal Mask, Remember), and Do Dong Hyuk (The Last Empress, Love Affairs in the Afternoon) in the lead roles. Park Sun Ho (Produce X 101, Best Chicken) is also a part of the cast.

The K-drama is directed by Kang Chul Woo and Lee Sung Soo while the writing is provided by Do Hyun, based on Rel.mae’s webtoon.

Rugal poster. (OCN)

Rugal Plot

The story of Rugal takes place with honest and respectable police detective Kang Ki Bum’s (played by Choi Jin Hyuk) loss of his vision and his wife by the hands of the special organization called Argos. This happened when he was assigned to investigate Argos. One day, when coming home from work, he finds several masked men murdering his wife and child. They beat him up too and cut out both of his eyeballs.

Kang Ki Bum is now on the run because, after the incident, he wakes up in a hospital room and finds out that he is framed for murder. The National Intelligence Service contacts him and informs him that he is selected to be a part of a special team. He gets recruited by Rugal, which is an army of bio-engineered soldiers whose sole purpose is to fight against Argos and stop their terror attacks in South Korea. Rugal grants Kang Ki Bum cybernetic eyes which grant him the ability to see again.

Rugal Cast and Characters

Hwang Deuk Koo (played by Park Sung Woong) is a ruthless criminal who dreams of conquering the criminal world and making an empire of his own. He is intelligent and has a great sense of business; he runs Argos with an iron fist.

In Rugal, Han Tae Woong (played by Jo Dong Hyuk) is the leader of the team. He used to be a top member of Argos but left after getting a machine-arm surgery. He is an upstanding leader and is good at making decisions. Choi Geun Cheol (played by Kim Min Sang) is Rugal’s member who is giving his all and works as the head of Rugal’s operations. Song Mi Na (played by Jung Hye In) has a flexible body and can adapt to any fighting style.

Lee Gwang Cheol (played by Park Sun Ho) is the comedic character for the Rugal team, who also possesses artificial skin and torso thanks to the cybernetic technology. He graduated as a top student from the police academy until Argos got in his way and ruined his life.

Section Chief Oh (played by Park Choong Seon), Bradley (played by Jang In Seob), and Susan (played by Jang Seo Kyung) are the support team members of Rugal, where they provide medical as well as technical assistance to the rest of the team, while also working on artificial tissue and mechanical research.

Coming to Argos now, Choi Ye Won (played by Han Ji Wan) is the heir to the organization, a strong and skillful fighter who can give any man a run for his money. Min Dal Ho (played by Yoo Sang Hoon) is the right hand of Park Sung Woong and carries out most of the work for him. Seol Min Joon (played by Kim Da Hyun) is the second in command of Argos, and their mission is to become the strongest force in the criminal underworld.


When is Rugal Releasing and Where to Watch it Online?

Rugal is going to start airing on OCN in South Korea on Monday, March 16, 2020. The K-drama will air on Monday and Tuesday at 22:50 KST (Korea Standard Time).

The K-drama has been picked up by Netflix for streaming internationally and it should be available on the streaming site as soon as the drama premieres in Korea on March 16.

Rugal Teaser

OCN has dropped a teaser for Rugal and it is just as epic as the story sounds. The teaser opens with a man sporting a red mask, standing in the middle of a dark room over a desk. The scene then cuts quickly to a brightly lit white room with a man wearing a white blindfold in the middle of the room. He takes off the blindfold and the other man takes his mask off. The masked man is revealed to be Park Sung Woong and the man who took off his blindfold is Choi Jin Hyuk. He has blue cybernetic eyes.

You can watch the trailer below:

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