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One Piece’s Wano Country Act 2 Is Almost Complete

One piece episode 916

One Piece is in its Wano Country arc right now and this arc has been hyped up to be the best arc in the entirety of the series. Oda has set this up for over a decade, and we’re finally experiencing it.

That doesn’t say that it is the best arc for everyone right off the bat, but the way it is going, I can definitely see it being one of the best arcs in the history of One Piece. Interestingly, Wano Country arc isn’t just one arc. Rather, it has been split into parts like a play.

Each part is called an Act, and we already saw the first Act end when Luffy was thrown into the prison. The curtains came falling down, and we were told that this was it for the first Act of Wano. Then, we began Act 2 of Wano Country arc from Chapter 925. Since the, we’ve got 12 chapters, and knowing that the first act had just 15 chapters, I think it’s time for Act 2 to come to a close.

This isn’t just me letting my thoughts known. Rather, this is something that we’ve been told by the preview of the Chapter 938 of the manga. According to the preview, we’re getting closer to the end of the Act 2 of Wano Country arc. This doesn’t mean that Wano will end in the next chapter of the story.

Rather, it seems to imply that we’re just a few chapters away from the ending of Act 2 of Wano. In my opinion, we will get a break after One Piece Chapter 938, but after that, the next four chapters will definitely conclude Wano Country Act 2. Most of it is likely going to be about Luffy getting freed and the Strawhats finally meeting to put their plan into action.

I sense a Mine Prison breakout to happen very soon. This will enable Luffy and Hyougoro to gain allies, while Gyukimaru will give them weapons. Act 2’s climax will be just as good as Act 1’s and I cannot wait for it to happen.

What are your thoughts on One Piece’s Wano Country arc so far? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!