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Hi Bye, Mama! Episode 13 Preview, Spoilers, and Streaming Details

Hi Bye, Mama Episode 13

Hi Bye, Mama! is yet another Korean show which has made it big, and got global recognition and not just in South Korea. So, we are going to talk about next episode of the show, which is episode 13, and we will discuss streaming details, and spoilers.

Netflix is taking a lot of Korean shows under its banner for internation streaming, and it looks like it is going pretty good for them. We have seen Crash Landing on You succeeding, and this is yet another show, although these are not the only ones!

Hi Bye, Mama! Episode 13 update

The show is now twelve episodes deep into the first season, and the thirteenth episode is due this week. Hi Bye, Mama! episode 13 is scheduled to release on 11 April 2020, and the episode title is not out yet.

Hi Bye, Mama! Episode 13 Streaming Details

The show is aired on the tvN channel in South Korea at 9 PM KST, and new episodes come out every Sunday. Furthermore, the show can be streamed on Netflix for the audience living outside of South Korea, as it is the only source to watch the show officially for the global audience. Netflix releases each new episode after they complete their television screening.

Hi Bye, Mama! Episode 13 Preview

There is no official preview clip of the next episode currently, but we will update the article and drop the promo here! So, stay tuned to OtakuKart!

Hi Bye, Mama! Episode 13 Spoilers

Hi Bye, Mama Episode 12 was aired on 29 March 2020, and the episode was titled ‘The Days I Was Forgotten.’ The previous episode featured Gang-hwa shocked when Seo-woo says Yu-ri’s while seeing a photo frame, claiming it to be Yu-ri. Nobody was sure how did she get to know, and then they think maybe she might have heard from Hyeon-Jeong and asks him to make sure she doesn’t mention it infront of Min-Jeong. So, we will see what happens next in the upcoming episode!