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Gleipnir Episode 6 Preview, and Spoilers


With the next episode of Glepnir just around the corner, we will be seeing more action soon as things are getting more intense with lots of action lately. In this post, I have the latest updates and developments about Gleipnir episode 6 previews, and more about the upcoming episodes, take a look below.

Gleipnir Episode 6 update

Gleipnir Episode 6 will be released on Sunday, 10 May 2020, at 11:30 PM JST. for most parts of the world, the time will still be behind due to the time zone differences, so it might come out earlier during the day on Sunday. Let us see how things went on, in the last episode of Gleipnir.


Gleipnir Episode 6 Still

Previously in Gleipnir Episode 5

Clair decides to befriend warring Gatherers to avoid fighting them as it will be impossible. Kagaya locates a monster with bladed arms who, unfortunately, reveals he has no interest in more coins as he already received the inhuman strength he wanted and wants to test himself against monsters. Kagaya attacks first before Clair can stop him, and they are overpowered.

Clair tries to end the fight by admitting they are weaker, but he decides to kill them to stop them from finding 100 coins and becoming stronger than him. Clair draws its pistol and damages his arm. So the monster transforms into his human form, university student Tadanori Sanbe, to thank them for providing a challenge. He then changes back to a monster so Kagaya and Clair separate to trick him.

Kagaya restrains him with Clair pointing the gun at his head, forcing him to admit he lost. Instead of killing him, Clair demands he becomes their ally. Another monster appears, having taken pictures of their human faces so they can’t escape, and demands they become his slaves, so Sanbe kills him. he asks what he should do and Clair said he must help them to look for the coin.

Clair searches the dead body of the monster and she finds a cell phone. Sanbe aks the relationship that Kagaya and Clair share Kagaya explains how he and Clair fight together when he turns into a costume thing and she enters inside so Sanbe praises Suichi for being brave and he decides to join their team. Clair finds more pictures on the monster’s phone and identifies their leader as her next prey.

Gleipnir Episode 6 Preview

So far things have been going well with the release of new episodes. So the next one will be up this Sunday. Its been already six weeks since its debut, so it is likely that we are already halfway through, unless it might be going to run for 24 episodes. Nonetheless, we will bring you more updates on that as the show continues. Let’s meet again soon.