Supernatural Season 14: DVD, Blu-ray update

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Supernatural wrapped up its Season 14 in a kickass way, and many are waiting for the home release of the TV show. Given that Supernatural came to an end with Season 14, fans who missed out on it have no other option but to wait for the DVD and Blu-ray release of the show. Many fans either want to own the DVD’s to rewatch the episodes or watch it for the first time.

Those of you in the U.S. need not worry as soon you will soon be able to watch on Netflix. But for fans internationally, there’s a separate wait. We will need to wait for the DVD release. So, when will Season 14 be on DVD and Blu-ray is the question.

Supernatural Season 14

First off, International fans may be able to buy DVD’s straight off from Amazon. The thing is, right now, we do not have an exact DVDfor Season 14 of Supernatural. What Amazon offers right now is that you may preorder Supernatural: The Complete Fourteenth Season on Amazon. This will be shipped to you as soon as it’s released. The consignment will be followed by an email stating all the details about the(once it’s been set, that is).

Simple maths tells us that Season 13’s DVD was released on Sep. 4, 2018, Season 12 was released on Sep. 5. Again, Season 11 on Sep. 6, 2017. All the DVD releases for Supernatural have always come out between the dates of Sep. 1 and 18. My guess is, Season 14 will be no exception to the rule.

The final season of Supernatural will premiere sometime in October 2019.

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