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Sailor Moon Meets Wonder Woman – Cosplay

Every person in the United States of America knows that Sailor Moon is one of the biggest franchises that has originated from Japan and rocked the screens of every individual living in the country. This anime series was produced under the banner of Toei Animation and was broadcasted on Japanese television back in the 90s. Further, with the success of this franchise and demand in the entertainment world increasing, we saw that Toei released three feature films as well as a TV special in the Sailor Moon franchise. Along with it, there were three short films that took their inspiration from this anime series.

There has been a lot of spinoff and sequel and even prequel content set in this worldwide famous franchise. The manga has been licensed in the world through Kodansha Publishing Company. You can currently watch this anime series legally in North America through Viz Media in North America. As for Australia and New Zealand, the people will need to hop over to Madman Entertainment.

The plot of this anime is all about a student named Usagi Tsukino who studies in middle school and is residing in Tokyo. She stumbles across a magical cat who can talk and becomes a friend with it. This black cat gives her a magical brooch which whenever Usagi wears, she becomes a Sailor Moon. This soldier is set to save the entire Earth from the forces of destruction that are coming its way. On the other hand, we are also aware of the Wonder Woman films set in the DC Extended Universe.

The story throws the entire spotlight on Diana Prince, or better known as Wonder Woman, who is also trying to save the world from evil forces who wants to destroy them. If we look closely at the two franchises, it is clear that the story focuses on the two mighty women who are trying to save the world from the antagonists who are trying to destroy it.

Sailor Moon Meets Wonder Woman - Cosplay

Lisa Mancini

Sailor Moon x Wonder Woman Cosplay By Lisa Mancini

This is when the two universes of Sailor Moon and Wonder Woman have come together, thanks to the courtesy of cosplay by Lisa Mancini. Lisa, on Twitter, has shared some pictures regarding her new outfit that taken the pieces from the costumes of both these superheroine and mixed them all together in a way that looks very attractive. If she would walk through a runway competition wearing this attire, she will surely get all the appraise from the fans. We have attached her tweet to this post.

Now, we all can see clearly that the cosplay artist has given the costume of Wonder Woman, a hairstyle that belongs to Sailor Moon. The sailor’s blonde hair is pinned up in the form of two ponytails along with the bangs. But Lisa has wonderfully managed to put a tiara worn by Wonder Woman under it so that we do not forget that Diana too plays an important part in this appearance. Also, the boots give a whole new strength to this entire outfit and give us the vibe of both Wonder Woman and Sailor Moon.

As for the accessories, Lisa has decided to pair the whole lookup with the sword, which is seen being used by Wonder Woman. But the whole piece also has the scepter, which we have seen with Sailor Moon, and thus, the sword has been provided with a pink handle. On the other hand, we can see that the compact of Sailor Moon is also given equal importance as Lisa has turned the whole thing into a shield. We can already understand the level of effort and creativity which might have taken Lisa’s time while she was designing this cosplay.

Given the right effect of makeup, the whole look completes itself, and we could not be happier than anything. Of course, there is a lot of significance in this whole attire and the salute given to the two superheroines in the fantasy world who are trying to protect the rest of the world from any harm. In the story of Sailor Moon, we see that Luna, as well as Usagi, join their forces and assemble a whole team of other talented fighters called Sailor Guardians who will assist them while Sailor Moon is trying to find the Silver Crystal.

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