777 Charlie Review: A Journey of Loyalty and Determination

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777 Charlie review
777 Charlie review

Man has domesticated all types of animals, from cows to dogs, to cats, birds, and even insects. But the friendship between man and his dog is something unique. It needs no words to establish a connection between the two. In fact, the dog is man’s most loyal friend. Even movies like Teri Meherbaniyan (1985), Mard (1985), Entertainment (2014), Scooby-Doo (2002), Beethoven (1992), etc., portrayed this unspoken affection-based relationship between a dog and a man on big screens. And Kiranraj K. directed 777 Charlie is another masterpiece in this chain.

777 Charlie is a Kannada language Indian movie. It stars a labrador dog as Charlie and Rakshit Shetty as Bharat. It was released worldwide on 10 June 2022, Friday. Since then, 777 Charlie is receiving a positive review from the audience, who are loving this dog and man duo on screen. Also, IMDb has rated this adventure comedy-drama film 9.3. Hence, let us get the insights from the movie and review 777 Charlie in this article.

About 777 Charlie

777 Charlie is an adventure-plus comedy movie based on a dog named Charlie and his kind owner Dharma, which is being played by Rakshit Shetty. Other casts include Sangeetha Sringeri, Bobby Simha, Raj B. Shetty, and Danish Sait. Rakshit Shetty himself produced the movie along with G. S. Gupta under the banner of Paramvah Studios. It has been released across India in five different languages viz., Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

The Plot

Dharma is a lonely factory worker who resides in a colony nearby. He is an orphan who has lost his parents in a car accident. Unfortunately, the cause of that accident was a dog. Thus, his monotonous lifestyle includes working in the factory, consuming alcohol and idli, engaging in fights, and watching TV.

Charlie is a female dog (labrador) who escapes the evil bunch of breeders who capture and torture dogs. He meets Dharma at a fair and follows him secretly to grab his attention as he sees him as his savior. One day Charlie meets an accident while following Dharma to the factory. Dharma takes her to his colony and pets her until someone adopts her. He grows a deep affection for the dog while he himself is changing.

777 charlie review
777 Charlie

In his journey with Charlie, Dharma learns about Charlie’s Hemangiosarcoma of the spleen (cancer), which resulted from toxic injections admitted by her old master. To fulfill Charlie’s wish of playing in the snow, he heads with her to Himachal Pradesh. He also learns that Charlie is actually Keaton. Dharma finds out her master, thrashes him up, and hands him to the police. He meets a dog license expert Devika (Sangeetha Sringeri), and a magazine writer, Karshan Roy (Danish Sait), who wants to publish their story.


777 charlie review
Sangeetha Sringeri (left) and Rakshit Shetty with Charlie, the dog

And from here, they do every fun activity possible, from participating in and winning a dog competition in Punjab to playing snow in Kashmir. Intense scenes towards the climax will give goosebumps and tears. Charlie goes missing but reunites with Dharma in a temple. She reaches Dharma, sits on his lap, and dies. Broken Dharma realizes that Charlie has left him with little Charlies inside the temple as a gesture of thanks. This scene is definitely leaving audiences in tears.

Finally, Dharma returns to his colony, where he raises Charlie’s pups and inaugurates an animal rescue and shelter in her memory.


A good movie lets its audience remain glued to their seats till the end of the movie with its characters, plot twists, emotional drama, and intense climax. With the story known so far, 777 Charlie has definitely done a great job in this respect. The actors have lived up to their characters. Even the dog delivers every needed emotion in his scenes without speaking a line. Its ratings and reviews from the public are enough to tell its success in the first week of its release.

The scenic landscapes of Karnataka, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Kashmir are a virtual treat for the eyes. Nobin Paul has given the apt music for the film. Its “Torture Song” depicts all those moments that Charlie has brought Dharma’s life. The link to this song is below.


Overall the movie is good and worth a watch at least once. And this was in the article for the 777 charlie review.

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