Sasha’s breakdown: What happened in ‘General Hospital’ on 6th July Episode?

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Sasha's breakdown : What happened in 'General Hospital' on 6th July episode?

Multiple things are happening in ‘General Hospital.’ From Michael flirting with Willow to Drew having a confession for Carly, things are getting interesting in the show. Above all, Sasha went for the Television appearance, and the show took a worse turn. Today we are going to break down the recent episode of your favorite show. This episode aired on July 6th and made the headlines as something very shocking happened to this episode of the General Hospital. This is regarding Sasha. It seems that her life is filled with sorrows, and this is not going to stop anytime sooner.

What Happened In General Hospital On 6th July Episode?

She was going to appear on Live Tv, and then something happened that shocked the fans. Sasha was holding a baby doll, and then she broke down. Let us go through all the details of the episode and see what really happened there.

Carly Turned Down Drew’s Help

Drew had the idea of selling Crimson to Nina and then using that money to help Carly in keeping the hotel to herself. At the Metro Court pool, he spilled his idea to Carly. While Carly is not happy with it, it does not matter as Nina has already refused the offer. Carly explains to Drew that Crimson is the best asset he has right now. On the other hand, Drew thinks that it is his duty to get Carly out of the mess since he put her into the situation in the first place. However, Carly did not like Drew to come to her rescue. Further, she reminds him that he asked Carly not to buy the stocks, but she did not listen at that time.

Nina Explains Everything To Sonny

Let’s move to a different setting now to Sonny and Nina. Sonny asked Nina about what was happening with Carly. Carly explained everything to him about how Nina bet on the merger and all losses, including her half of the Metro Court. Nina further went on to explain Drew’s idea to sell Crimson and help Nina. Nevertheless, Nina did not accept the offer due to several business-related reasons. Sonny believes Carly has lost a sense of business, but now her judgments are messy. He further thinks that things went this crazy because Carly wanted Michael Vendetta to win. Despite all of this, Sonny wants to help her obviously because she is the mother of her children. So, Sonny goes to Nina to offer his help which she declines. At the end of their conversation, Sonny asked Nina to remember that she had to pay to sit beside the pool she used to own, and she declined his help.

Sasha's breakdown : What happened in 'General Hospital' on 6th July episode?

Kevin And Britt At The Hospital

At the hospital, Britt tells Kevin about the Society Setup event’s blunder. Then, Kevin asked her if she was now related to the service. Britt knows that she should cut the ties with the service, but she is giving them some time and one last chance. While they were having the conversation, a nurse informed them about the patient who left a belt, and on the paperwork, Britt was listed as the contact person. Britt looked at the belt and immediately understood that it belonged to Cody.

What Happened Next?

In the stables, Willow tells Michael how she loves the horses, especially the one they had when they were kids. Meanwhile, Cody comes and introduces himself as the new stable hand.  Michael informs Cody that his room is above the stables and he can use the boathouse and pool. Moving forward, Willow introduces him to Comet, and then she leaves with Michael. Cody starts conversing with Comet and tells him that he wants his own place where nobody can steal his loved things and people.

Sasha's breakdown : What happened in 'General Hospital' on 6th July episode?

At that moment, Britt comes to the stable and asks Cody about the belt. Cody thanked her. To thank her, he offered her a horse ride which she refused as once, when she was a child; Britt fell off a horse. Britt bid her goodbye, but before going turned and looked at him. Then, Cody told Comet that he thinks Britt likes him. At the house, Willow and Michael discuss the coming baby and feel that they are so lucky to have each other, Will, and the baby. Also, Willow gets sad about how she had to give up Jonah but soon affirms that it was only to protect him.

Sasha’s Breakdown

The main highlight of the episode was Sasha’s breakdown. They are at the Home And Heart Studio, where Flora wants to take Sasha’s help in displaying the baby papoose that she designed. Brando knows that he should stop this, but Maxie reminds him that this is a live show. On the other hand, Sasha tries to get a hold of the situation and lets Flora put papoose on her. Maxie wants to do something and end this horrible situation that was taking place in the studio. And then Flora takes out the baby doll to demonstrate that the papoose is safe and can hold the baby very well.

While all of this is happening, Maxie tries to reach the stage but is stopped by the stagehand. Flora and Haven asked Sasha to move and show the audience how safe papoose is. The poor Sasha went into shock and started thinking that the baby was alive, and she cried, “You are alive!” Nina turned on the TV to see Sasha, but she found Sasha breaking down and calling the doll Liam. At the studio, Brando reaches the stage to help Sasha. This is how Sasha broke down on Live TV.

Sasha's breakdown : What happened in 'General Hospital' on 6th July episode?

However, Flora later apologized and said that she did not have any idea about Sasha losing a child. Haven became furious with Lucy as she was the one who told them that Sasha was fine and could do the show. Lucy put her point by explaining that she did not know that Sasha would require to sell baby products.

Ending Explained

From the studio, Kevin took Sasha in the wheelchair. At the end of the episode, Sonny gets back to the Crimson and finds Nina crying. On asking why she is crying, she tells him about Sasha’s breakdown on the television. Nina can feel Sasha’s pain as she has lost her baby twice. Sonny made sure to tell her that she was not alone and that he would take care of her. In the pool, Carly starts crying by putting her feet in the pool. Then, Drew approached her and offered beer. They cheered on rising again.

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