MCU Street Level Heroes According to Kevin Feige

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MCU Street Level Heroes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is growing at a rapid rate. With each day, new fans are getting associated with the universe. MCU fulfills our fantasy-story needs. Disney has started telling the stories of Marvel street-level heroes. Recently, we have seen many hopping-in-the-universe and saving the world action in Marvel films. The audience went gaga over it and definitely craved more. Nevertheless, Marvel is also about street-level heroes who cannot enter the cosmos and still qualify for the superhero list.

There are many Marvel superheroes who were exclusively written for smaller roles. For example, Spider-Man is a street-level hero and one of the most popular Marvel superheroes. Recently, Kevin Feige, who is Marvel Studio’s boss, opened up about MCU street-level heroes. He gave the audience all the details about what was going to happen and what can they expect. Hop in, and we will take you to the entire details. 

MCU Street Level Heroes

It seems that the MCU franchise is rebuilding the entire universe. After The Infinity Saga (Phases from 1 to 3), the creators are considering setting up its next crossover event. Further, he said that phases 4,5, and 6 differ from the previous phases. We have already witnessed phase 4 entering Disney plus. MCU street-level heroes are ready to shake your world. And the coming phases will also be different in terms of diversity in storytelling.

Now, MCU Phase 5 is officially confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. Through the comic-con, it is clear that MCU is developing parts of street-level heroes universe simultaneously. Despite running towards changing the entire storytelling, they are focusing on developing small pockets out of the franchise.

MCU Street Level Heroes

From releasing films on big screens to establishing a Digital presence, MCU is expanding at a rapid rate. At this crucial time, they are trying to be extra careful. MCU street-level heroes will start a new chapter of the franchise. In his interview, Kevin spoke about the development of these small pockets. He stated that the different characters would be responsible for developing a specific side of the universe.

The world is excited about these new changes. We have already seen Murdock and Peter Park meeting in “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” And now, it will be interesting to see what creators have in-store for them. Although Murdock had a small role in the film, it is confirmed that MCU has many things planned for him. 

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Will Spider-Man And Daredevil Lead The MCU Street Level Heroes?

In the interview, Kevin opened up about many parts of the MCU universe. According to him, the supernatural corner will be taken ahead by Doctor Strange. On the other hand, the cosmic side will be taken care of by Pip the Troll and Eros (So, Eventually, Eros from the “Eternals” is returning). In addition, he talked about MCU street-level heroes. The fans are more excited about street-level superheroes as it is with them they can relate the most. Kevin said that street-level superheroes’ side would be led by Spider-Man and Daredevil. Not just that, Matt Murdock is officially returning via his own Disney plus show. 

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