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Flower of Evil Episode 6 update and Streaming Details

Flower of Evil

With this latest Asina drama that has just made its debut recently let’s find out what happens in this drama here. Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won are a married couple with a daughter. Ji Won shares a bad relationship with Hee Sung’s parents while staying together. Ji Won is a detective who is investigating a case. The case is about a boy who got an accident and claims that his father is responsible for it.

The boy saw his father with another women and it has created a conflict with the family. Baek Hee Sung was known as Do Hyung 18 years ago when a murder case occurred. Do Hyung was a suspect of the murder case. Kim Moo Jin who is a reporter met with Do Hyun now in present. He met him in Hee Sung’s Metal Craft Workshop without knowing his true identity. Hee Sung gives Moo Jin a rear neck choke takes him to the basement.

This Thursday we will be focusing on Flower of Evil Episode 6 update and Streaming Details. Here we will be looking at the latest development of this Asian drama. Now let’s get to more details below. 

Cha Ji Won does not know about his husband Hee Sung doings. Meanwhile, another murder case happened. It has been discovered that the victim’s thumbnail was missing. Something is fishy about the case and Cha Ji Won tries to get deep into it. Later Hee Sung discovered out that Moo Jin is going to meet Soon Kil to get advice. Hee Sung thinks he should do something about Moon Jin meeting Soon Kil. 

Flower of Evil

Flower of Evil

In the evening Ji Won saw Hee sung coming home wearing a raincoat. Jin Won thinks that there is something wrong about her husband’s actions. The next day, Ji Won gets assigned another murder case and the surveillance footage shows that the victim got killed by a man in a raincoat.  The evidence that was found in a scene where showing that Do Hyun is the culprit.

Hee Sung is unable to explain why he became the prime suspect of the Hoesin-dong Chinese restaurant murder case. Hee Sung along with Moo Jin knows the truth about the murder case. An unknown person is trying to frame Hee Sung,  Hee Sung and Moo Jin decide to be paters in find the culprit. Later Ji Won met with Do Hae Soo who is  Do Hyun Soo’s sister, to find more about the culprit. 

Flower of Evil Episode 6 update and Streaming Details

Flower of Evil Episode 6 will be released on Thursday, 13 Agust 2020 at 22:50 Korean Standard Time. This drama has taken the time slop of Wednesday and Thursday meaning it will release two episodes in a week. You can watch the Flower of Evil on the tvN Korean Tv channel. For those who want to stream the episode the can use the details below.

You will be able to watch the Flower of Evil episode 6 on the Rakuten Viki and Dramacool website with English subs. You will get the latest episode on the days mentioned above. You will also get the last latest episode if you have missed them. 

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