One Piece 954 Spoilers Leaked:Revealed

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One Piece 954
One Piece 954 Zoro

One Piece 954 has so many shocks for you guys; we will mostly see Zoro, Hawkins, and Kaido. Thanks to Reddit user u/brikskohuh for the spoilers. One Piece Chapter 954 is Titled “As if dragon obtains a wing.

One Piece 954 Spoilers

  • Zoro accepts Hiyori’s proposal to get Enma and return Shusui.
  • He plans to visit Ryuma’s grave since he fought Ryuma despite him being a zombie.
  • Kawamatsu believes Zoro must have had a dream or something about the fight against Ryuma

  • Law is now free from custody thanks to someone’s conspiracy. He decides to go with the plot.
  • Appo had been under the umbrella of Kaido before Kidd, Hawkins and Apoo confronted Kaido.
  • Hawkins had no choice but to become a subordinate under Kaido for survival

  • Numbers” attend the party that Kaido and Big Mom hold.
  • Kaido and Big Mom decide to make a pirate alliance.
  • They say they will kill each other after conquering the world.

Oden was a man of 2-sword-fighting style. One sword is Enma, and the other is called Ame no Habakiri. Both of them were bestowed to Hiyori and Momonosuke before Oden got executed.

One Piece Chapter 954 will be releasing on Monday, 2 September, 2019, but it will be leaked online tomorrow on 30th August, 2019.

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