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Read Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 update, Spoilers, and Recap

Dragon Ball Super

The mighty Super Saiyan Son Goku has now taken the spot Merus who disappears after teaching Goku how he is going to master Ultra Instinct. After Merus left Jaco asks if he is dead or not and Goku replied that he has learned important something from Merus. Meanwhile, Whis and Berus are standing nearby watching how the battle is going and Goku reveals that he has learned that he is not fighting alone. Goku asks Jaco why did he join the Galatic Patrol.

Jaco replied that he wanted to help in keeping peace in the Galaxy and he likes the uniform. Moro gets angry watching Goku and Jaco talking he yells at Goku that his techniques are inscrutable. Goku told Jako to stand back and he started transforming saying that Merus will live in him. Picalo wakes up from a distance asking whos that and Whis said he did it. The powers of Goku have shaken the world and he has now fully mastered Ultra Instinct.

Today’s post is about  Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 update, spoilers, and recap. Let’s see how Son Goku is going to use his newly mastered power and if Moro will be able to handle it. Take w look at the latest development below.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 will be released on Tuesday, 20 October 2020. The spoilers of the upcoming chapter are not yet released. This Manga releases its new chapter once in every month, take a look at the latest development below.

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super

Previously on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 64

Moro is shocked asking what is that transformation. Jaco is surprised looking at the new silver hair of Goku and Goku without fear started moving straight to Moro who is scared. Moro unleashes a circle razor power when he wanted to attack Goku squeeze his hand in a blink of an eye. Goku started landing brutally attacks on Moro telling him that he won’t harm the earth anymore. He sends Moru flying in a single punch and Moro is on his knees asking Goku what is happening.

Moro quickly attacks Goku who dodges all the attacks like he is dancing. Goku uses one hand landing massive punches on Moro’s face and Moro tries all his technique but he is being overpowered. Whis and Berus are praising Goku’s moves and attacks. Moro gets furious and lands he final blow that misses and hits the ground and he asks Goku how is he dodging like that. Goku reveals that his body is acting on its own and deciding how to dodge that’s the new powers of his technique.

Moro told him that he is talking nonsense it can’t happen. Goku stands firm watching Moro transforming out of anger and Picalo notices that he is charging up to full power. Moro moves towards Goku who is making Kamehameha. Goku unleashes his powerful Kamehameha and cuts Moro into pieces. Moro quickly regenerates and Goku started landing massive punches on Moro’s belly moving up to the sky. He sends Moro up to the sky and the sing of star shows up.

Berus told Goku to finish quickly so that he can enjoy eating earth food. Suddenly Moro falls from the sky with a lot of injuries and made his body got drawn on the ground. He is coughing blood and Goku asks him if he has learned his lesson. Moro crawls and gets up telling Goku that he is not God and he must stop lecturing him.

Moro started to transform saying that he is the supreme life form of the Galaxy. He is planing that if he can’t beat Goku he will destroy the whole world and quickly teleports behind Goku. Goku kicked him without looking behind Moro started drowning in a pool of black bubbling water. He is shouting that help me and Berus thinks that things will turn worse. Goku said that he will fight him as an earthling.

You can get Dragon Ball Super on VIZ Media and Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. Raw scans for new chapters are released 2-3 days before their respective chapters are released. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps.

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