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Noblesse Episode 2 Preview, and Spoilers


We are back again with another new episode of this Anime let’s find out what it has to offer for us. It is in the middle of the night the soldiers are in the forest on their mission and one of the soldier report to the base. He reveals that they have been attacked while they were carrying out the mission. He also said that the enemy appears to a union and 324 men in the Alpha corps and 323 are dead. He is the only survivor suddenly a bomb explodes and they tried to connect with him but he didn’t reply.

While they are trying to talk with Alpha 13 an enemy shows up and kills them using a blade. He kills all the soldiers and licks the blood from his knife. Takio’s allies told him that their target is not there it is somewhere else. The name of the killer is Shark Hummer and Tao told Takio that he sent him a helicopter for him to follow his target. Sometime later Takio manages to blast the helicopter and secure their target. Cran went to where Shark is he told him that the mission is not to satisfy his interest.

In today’s post, we are going to talk about the Noblesse Episode 2 preview, and a recap of the last latest episode. This Anime’s episodes are available to watch officially on Crunchyroll. For more information, you can visit its official website at Take a look at how this Anime will be releasing its new episodes below.

The latest new episode of Noblesse Episode 2 will be released on Wednesday, 13 October 2020, at 10:00 PM JST. The new episode of this Anime will be released every Wednesday. This post may contain spoilers for the next episode if you don’t like them you can skip them. Take a look below.



Previously on Noblesse Episode 1

Captain Cran told Takio and Tao through his communicator to leave thins here to the backup unit. He orders them to head to the site of their next mission and Shark Hammer asks where it could be. Cran replied that their next mission is in Japan at the same night Raizel is at his home standing outside. The next day in the morning Han is with a broken hand walking with Woo. They are both going to school and Han is happy that he is discharged from the hospital. When Woo and Han enter the school they saw anew guy standing in the middle of the school.

He took the attention of everyone asking themself who is he, we never saw him before. Every girl falls for the guy saying that he is so hot. Han and Woo went near the guy they are just surprised that he stole the hearts of the girls on his first day. Woo thinks that he is a new security guard meanwhile, Raizel and Frankenstein are looking at them by the window. Frank told Raizel that it appears that the memory erasure has been a success. Raizel replied yes and it reminds him how they met with the guy earlier at night.

The guy told them that he belongs to the Union an organization with an extraordinary capacity for science. Later Fran and Raizel met with that guy and the asking about his first day at work. He told them that it was great Raizel saw other students with smartphones. He told Frank to get him one since it was a long time when he was in deep sleep. Sometime later a bully shows up beating students. Han stood up and he got beaten and the new guy came and beat the muscle man. The students thanks him for protecting them.

Noblesse Episode 2 Preview

We call it a day by giving you all details above. For more about this Anime, we will be back again next week on Wednesday with new updates.