Cats Musical Movie CGI Altered After Trailer Backlash

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Tom Hooper, director of Cats, claims to have improved the visuals of the movie after its original trailer. The show has continued to gain popularity since its arrival in 1981 as a Broadway show. It is known for its characters who are humanoid Cats and its narrow plot. It has now become a very popular musical. The question now arises how successful it will be in hitting the big screen?

Hooper has directed many movies, including The King’s Speech, which won the Best Picture title and Les Misérables movie musical. After that, he decided to bring humanoid cat characters into play and referred to it as ‘Digital Fur Technology.”
The outcome hasn’t been too great. However, the first Cats trailer left people surprised and confused too. Stars like Taylor Swift,  Edris Elba, and Judi Dench transformed into cat humanoids, which grabbed the people’s attention.

Director’s response

In an interview with Empire, Tom Hooper shared his experience about the response to the first Cats trailer and said,

 “I was just so fascinated because I didn’t think it was controversial at all. So it was quite entertaining”.

He also mentioned that CGI was in an early stage of development in the trailer and has improved the visuals a lot and have made better use of the technology to get good results.

The second trailer of Cats has shown improved visuals and final effects. The team didn’t make a very major change since the first trailer, but they did fine-tune the “digital fur technology ” to make the cast look better cat humanoids. Therefore,  the overall visual effects have remained almost the same, and people won’t get to notice much difference.

Some movies have used the motion-capture like Casts and 2018’s Welcome to Marwen. The movie wasn’t successful at all. However, we cannot say the same for Hooper’s musical because the broadway is very popular and the music should just do fine. It will be interesting to find out how people will react to the show, whether they are old or new fans.

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