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Batman Is A Superhero Or Not? ‘Lack Of Magical Powers’ Argued by Robert Pattinson

A recent discussion has really taken us to a few basic concepts about what really makes a Superhero?  Is it his cape?  Is it the deeds he does?  Beating bad guys?  Storyline? When he talks about Batman,  he is known as one of the most powerful superheroes,  can’t argue after he beat Superman. However,  Robert Pattinson has denied to accept it because he doesn’t own any supernatural or magical powers. According to Pattinson, he’s just Bruce Wayne,  a smart millionaire with lots of gadgets and love for justice.

Robert Pattinson will be playing Batman in the upcoming movie The Batman. The movie has focused on Batman as a detective. Pattinson has calmed down after his interviews about The Lighthouse,  his Twilight fame.

An Interview

A conversation between Pattinson and Willie Geist went as follows,

Willie Geist asked Robert Pattinson about the movie Batman as his role came to Robert Pattinson, and asked him if he wanted to be a superhero. To which Robert replied, Batman is not a superhero. Willie asked Robert to forgive him and asked how do they classify this? Robert replied that it is weird, and batman doesn’t have magical powers to be a superhero. Willie said that he’d got a cape, and that’s a good start.

Pattison isn’t the only one to make such an argument; however, his opinion matters because he will be playing the character. When he was questioned about playing heroes, he said it’s not easy to persuade an actor to play the hero.

Pattinson wasn’t convinced that Batman is a hero, maybe because he was not bitten by a radioactive spider or didn’t born with powers like that of Superman,  Wonder Woman, or Thor.