Top 30 Anime just like “My Hero Academia!” Shows Similar to The Superhero Anime!

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Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

We are driving into 2021 with such a spirit because we are finally waiting for the fifth season of “My Hero Academia” which will be making its way by premiering on 27th of March 2021. In the last few years, the show has managed to keep the audience on the seats without letting them change their channel, and now the show is also regarded as one of the most popular anime series to come out of the 2010’s decade. From brilliantly depicted characters, out-of-world abilities to unmatchable action sequences, a lot of in-depth emotional moments, the show has grabbed hold of the audience’s hearts.

The story of Midoriya Izuku of wanting to grow up and become a superhero is the most relatable story of every kid out there, and probably that’s one of the simple plots that clicked with the audience first and found them relating with our central character. And now, the out-of-the-box element added was “Quirk,” which was needed for Izuku to be the hero he wants to be. The whole story of Izuku finding his Quirk and also realizing if that is all he needs to be a superhero resulted in a story to receive a huge amount of appreciation from the fans

So have you kept up with the show? If not, then we suggest you go now and stream it on Netflix! And for the others who have been long dedicated fans and are waiting for the fifth season and already been fed up. We got you covered.  Here are 30 anime just like My Hero Academia with many similarities in check that you can binge while you wait for the coming fifth season of the show. So let’s begin.

  • Yu Yu Hakusho!

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

So we will start with an absolute classic anime, which in our views is also kind of underrated itself. Yu Yu Hakusho! is considered one of the best anime series to come out of the 90s. The era that was heavily embraced and ruled by Dragon Ball Z. You can view the show as an alternate for the very beloved Dragon Ball Z as it is from the same era and follows a lot of similar fight sequences.

 The story of Yu Yu Hakusho! follows Yusuke Uramashi, who accidentally dies in a car accident while trying to save a child. The spirit world wasn’t ready for Yusuke to arrive, so after accomplishing several tasks put forth by the son of the ruler of underworld Koenma, Yusuke is revived and reinstated in the human world as a “Spirit Detective.” He is tasked to battle the paranormal and evil forces that are causing conflict in the human world.

  • Hunter X Hunter


Well, now, just like “My Hero Academia,” this is one of the weekly shonen shows that heavily impacted the early 2010s of this decade. Hunter X Hunter is considered one of the most well-written anime with so many good things to discuss. Although much of a different style of the story, both the shows have very similar charm in nature, focusing on the power of friendship element and the fact that there is always a stronger villain on the opposite side.

Hunter X Hunter’s story follows a young boy named Gon on a journey to find his father, a renowned Hunter. He decides to attempt the Hunter Exam and sets off with his best friend Killua across the world, meeting new people, friends, and also enemies. With a range of different stories and subplots, the show may never let you get bored and will keep you hooked on your TV.

  • One-Punch Man

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Okay, so you are into this superhero kind of themed shows. The Marvel, the DC kind of shows you are a fan of, it seems. So, “My Hero Academia” is probably not the only one superhero anime that has graced the televisions in the times where superhero entertainment rules. So one more thing, when we talk about the next show’s concept, we are talking about it, so you are clearer. One Punch Man is basically kind of a parody of this superhero entertainment. You are not supposed to take that too seriously. But yes, the action you will be witnessing is completely a Blast! with one of the best animations we have seen in recent times. The studio team comprises the makers of “Space Dandy,” so we expect nothing less.

The story of One Punch Man follows the adventures of a superhero called Saitama who can end an opponent in a single punch, which has resulted in him not finding a worthy opponent and getting bored out of life.

  • Black Clover

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

The under-dog story has always clicked with the audience, let it be any form of entertainment. We love to see characters portraying their passion for the thing they love and working hard towards earning it. That’s probably the most similar thing between Black Clover and My Hero Academia. Both our protagonists’ personalities differ, but their determined goal towards the thing they love is enough.

Black Clover follows the story of Asta, a person with no magic in him born in a world where magic is everything, and everyone has some kind of magic to their feat. This is the story of him trying to conquer his dream of becoming the Wizard King by any means necessary, even if it means starting with no magic at all.

  • Full-Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Considered to be one of the most prominent anime globally, Full-Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an absolute classic that will be remembered for years to come. A show with amazing and fresh characters,  lots of in-depth philosophical plots and theories accompanied by magic, or we may call it the battle of alchemy. This anime is a complete package.

The anime follows the story of Brothers Edward and Alphonso Elric, who are on a journey to find the philosopher’s stone, which may help them restore their body parts, which they lost while performing alchemy to revive the dead. The journey results in Brother’s acknowledging that they are not the only ones looking for that stone.

  • Naruto

Whoever doesn’t know or hasn’t heard the name of “Naruto” has probably time traveled right from long back ago. Probably, Shonen Jump’s biggest outing along with Bleach and One Piece. The anime is a global phenomenon with a huge number of fans we may get old counting. Right now, at this moment, we can call this anime legendary and probably one of the most influential anime to come across. Brilliant storylines, heartfelt relationships, and downright badass action, that’s all we can say.

The manga artist of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, once said that My Hero Academia is the next Naruto. The plot of Naruto is very much similar to My Hero Academia and another anime we mentioned above, “Black Clover.” The anime follows another underdog named Naruto, who is hated and taken as a joke his entire life by the Hidden Leaf Village about his dream of becoming Hokage one day. As we progress, we watch Naruto growing stronger with every battle and every new friend he makes and every new villain he faces, and his journey to fulfill his dream of becoming Hokage coming near and near.

  • Little Witch Academia

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia


So here we are with an anime that also has the word “Academia” in its name. So, the question if the show is similar is kind of has been answered already. So, yes, the Little Witch Academia is similar in many ways, and we don’t know where to begin. The show, very much like My Hero Academia, has many friends who are working towards accomplishing a specific goal. The show very much introduces every character turn by turn with their abilities, and then after a while, the villain arrives. So, the show is very much of a step by step entertainer for the fans and has accomplished the plot in a very similar manner to “My Hero Academia.”

Little Witch Academia follows the story of 16-year-old Akko and her dream of becoming a witch one day while also adoring Shiny Chariot, the most famous witch in the town and idolized by many young girls. Akko joins the Luna Nova, an academy for witches despite having no powers initially (much like Deku, Naruto, and Asta), and her journey to become a witch begins.

  • Assassination Classroom

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Okay, this anime has a very weird storyline, so keep up with us if you don’t want to be lost. Assassination Classroom has normal middle-school kids, okay? who’s only motive is not to get failed in their exams. So far, good, now these students are given a task to assassinate a yellowish octopus-looking creature who is threatening to end the world. When these students are struggling to kill the creature, who later reveals his name as Kuro-sensei, the octopus becomes their homeschool teacher and teaches them and trains them how to assassinate him.

The explanation itself was weird, wasn’t it? But yes, Assassination Classroom deserves the play button despite its weird storyline. The show is a laughter riot with many heartfelt moments and life lessons that may leave you wanting more.

  • Mob Psycho 100

So, My Hero Academia Deku and Mob Psycho 100’s Mob is pretty similar but different with motives. On the one hand, Deku is pursuing powers to lead a superhero life and save the universe. On the other hand, Mob Psycho 100’s Mob has the powers, but he wants to lead a completely normal life.

Mob Psycho 100 follows the story of Mob, who wants to enjoy life like everyone else around him. So he assists a self-proclaimed psychic and works on containing his power, but trouble keeps following him around, and occasionally, the power is unleashed out of his hands when he faces his rivals.

  • Tiger And Bunny

In the universe of Tiger And Bunny, the superhero is a legitimate job of earning a living. Apart from saving the world, you are also inclined to make a profit out of that work. The show is complete fun with lots of laughter riots that will trickle down shivers on your body.

Tiger and Bunny follow the story to titular characters pretty much like Deku and Bakugo in My Hero Academia who don’t get along well. They are part of “Next” superheroes whose job is to fight villains. Fighting and defeating villains earn the heroes a  point and a chance to appear in a reality show, Hero TV. Wild Tiger, who after failing several times in his career, gets to partner up with a new up and coming talent called Barnaby. The question is whether they get along and save the universe or keep fighting over their differences and blow the chance to come up on Hero TV.

  • Soul Eater

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Another anime comprised of superhero teens in a school learning to defeat evil beings. But what’s special is the comical part of Soul Eater that gets along with the super-packed action it contains. While the anime is pretty lighthearted and clean, the action part is downright amazing. The characters are completely regular looking teens, but their abilities are what makes them special.

Soul Eater follows the story of Death Weapon Meister Academy, a training school for humans known as Meisters in Death City, Nev. The School aims to keep peace and prevent the resurrection of an evil god who was sent into the world of chaos.

  • Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

So we can compare the main character of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!’s Tsuna to both My Hero Academia’s Deku and Mob Psycho 100’s Mob. He has traits from both of them. Like Deku, Tsuna is an underdog and is weak both on the physical side and mental sides with no confidence in himself, who eventually learns to drive his strength with the help of a friend. Now comes Mob’s traits; unlike Deku, who keeps looking to get stronger, Tsuna isn’t interested in getting stronger at all. Though the anime is another typical Shonen show, it does have good characters and some really good action sequences. So this one is not some show you don’t want to get out of your list.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! follows the daily life of  Tsunayoshi Sawada, who is timid and weak on both sides but completely determined too. Reborn comes to mentor him, and destiny sees Tsuna as the Future boss of a Mafia Family.

  • Food Wars

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Magic doesn’t end here! The magic parade will still be going on. After having lots of different types of magic affairs ranging from jutsus to quirks to alchemy to wizard king and containing evil god, you are supposed to learn how to cook at this magic school. Food Wars has the most kind-hearted chef ever, Soma Yukihira, who is on a mission to surpass his father to become the best cook ever. He is determined and willing to turn his life around and conquer his dream as he also makes a lot of enemies on his way to victory. Let it be friend or enemy; Soma is here for help, and don’t forget about the delicious food he cooks.

  • Blue Exorcist

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Another school of wizards? This time, they are called “Exorcists,” and unlike the Soul Eater, this time, they are determined to kill Satan themselves. Brilliant comic timings and character works are what make Blue Exorcist great to watch. With a disturbing storyline in hand, Rin and his determination to kill Satan, his father, after what he did o his foster father is the main plot that has appealed to the audience.

Blue Exorcist follows the story of Rin, who himself is the son of satan and is adopted by a priest. When his real father killed his foster father, the moment brought a fire in his eyes, and his determination to end Satan became clearer than ever. On a journey of revenge, Rin, along with learning a lot of life lessons, makes many friends as they team-up to put an end to Satan.

  • Jo Jo’s Bizzare Adventure

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Okay, back to the big leagues. Here we are with another huge anime that has incredibly impacted the 2010s decade. Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventures features physical descent, or in the universe of Jo-Jo, it’s called “Stands.” Stands are like an individual’s action skill and let’s be clear; these stand battles are downright amazing.

Jo Jo’s Bizzare Adventure features the story of the “JoeStar family,” who are battling the evil powers for years and generations with the powers they have. The story has two different parts set in different eras, featuring a member of the Joestar family.

  • Charlotte

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

This anime is still similar to My Hero Academia although it carries a different tone and vibe altogether. Like My Hero Academia, Charlotte also has a high school and teenagers with superpowers. This show features kids with different abilities and struggles to contain their power and learn how to use it when put in dark and scary situations.

Charlotte is a story set in an alternate reality where a small number of children start possessing supernatural abilities once they grow up and hit puberty. The story’s main focus is Yuu Otosaka, who possesses the ability to temporarily possess another person’s body for five seconds.  Nao Tomori, the student council president of a Hoshinoumi Academy that helps this kind of children, notices Yuu and forces him to join the council.

  • Yowamushi Pedal

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Yeah, we understand it’s a sports anime, but if you take an in-depth look at both of our shows’ main protagonists, you will find a lot of similarities. First of all, the voices of both My Hero Academia’s Deku and Yowamushi Pedal’s Onoda are voiced by the same person. Apart from that, these main characters have a lot of similar traits; they both might anxious and nervous individuals, but they are pretty confident and passionate when it comes to their interests.

Yowamushi Pedal follows Sakamichi Onoda, who is struggling at his college to make his mark. The struggle leads him to a bicycle race and some new friends to care about.

  • Hamatora

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Okay, once again, the same school with superhero kids, but this time, the main protagonist and plot are kind of way ahead of My Hero Academia. While both the shows are fun, adventurous, and action-packed with lots of characters with different superhero abilities, the titular character of Hamatora is already graduated from school, and the show looks way ahead of that. On the other hand, we have My Hero Academia, where the characters are still in school and serve as heroes part-time. A tiny difference, but if you want to look way ahead of the superhero life, Hamataro might be the next stop.

  • Samurai Flamenco


Ahaa! this anime will fairly remind you of the Japanese show Super Sentai and its western adaptation, “Power Rangers.” Even My Hero Academia takes a lot of nods from western culture to form its heroes. Right now, both shows have a misfit with no powers who dreams of being part of a team with all of his heroes and is determined to do whatever it takes.

Samurai Flamenco focuses on Masayoshi Hazama, who dreams of becoming a superhero someday despite the lack of superpowers by using technology to create a well-equipped and well-built suit. In the name of justice, he fights the criminals of town, but soon a police officer finds out his real identity, which leads to a lot of chaos.

  • Kill la Kill

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Superhero shows drive people who love action and intensity, and Kill la Kill is a show that has those elements at the top-notch corner. The show is more about style, but the unmatchable action is quite similar to My Hero Academia.

Kill la Kill follows the story of Ryuuko Matoi, who arrives at Honnouji Academy in the pursuit to hunt down her father’s murderer. After arriving at the school, she is met with Student council president Satsuki Kiryuin and elite four who use their Goku uniforms to gain supernatural abilities. A challenge is made that consumes the whole school.

  • Concrete Revolutio

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Let’s bring in the huge package of all kinds of superheroes now. Concrete Revolutio is that show that probably has a subscription to every kind of superhuman. Jokes Apart, this show has lots of different kinds of superhumans from aliens, magicians, and paranormal beings; it has everything. The show is very underrated and has a similar colorful vibe, just like My Hero Academia. Concrete Revolutio relies heavily on flashbacks to develop the current storyline. With so many different kinds of superhumans, the show promises to be action-packed.

Concrete Revolutio follows the plot where earth serves as home to supernatural beings from all kinds of places, whether wizards, ghosts, aliens, or robots. The official existence of these beings is kept secret from the humans as per the Government Of this World has ordered. Still, on the other hand, humans have developed a lab that aims to find these beings out and eliminate them if they pose a threat to humanity.

  • Gurren Lagann

Okay, it’s been a while; let’s bring in another popular show that has proved its valuable existence in history. Gurren Lagann is just another show that reeks of awesomeness and hot-blooded action. Gurren Lagann follows the story in the future where Spiral King rules the earth, and mankind is sent to live far away in isolated villages. Brothers Simon and Kamina have always lived underground because they were forced to live that way, and after years, they break free from the norms and are looking forward to a new future.

  • One Piece

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Yes, the high-class action of anime continues with another Shonen anime. One of the biggest and longest-running anime right, This one’s called “One Piece.”When we think about pirates, we think about terrors of the sea, the people who in a moment can invade us and leave us restless. But the same can’t be said about Captain Luffy and his troops, and if we look at them, they are more like the saviors of the seas that we desperately need.

One Piece follows Captain Monkey D Luffy’s story, who has an unusual rubber-like body, which is the result of unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit and his adventures with his crewmates across the ocean in search of the treasure called” One Piece.”

  • Bleach

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

Since My Hero Academia is a Shonen anime, we thought we bring-in some more of Shonen with Bleach next in line, which is itself a very popular anime that made its name and marked it high upon carve during the late 2000s to early 2010s. The show is full of comical sequences accompanied by some high-class action that never fails to impress.

Bleach follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, who attains the Soul Reaper Powers. The powers lead him to become a savior for humans and evil spirits, looking for a safe passage to the afterlife.

  • Blood Blockade Battlefront

Blood Blockade Battlefront is another Shonen anime known for its amazing consistency of episodes and brilliant writing. The anime was praised for its perfect balance of action, romance, and comical elements that fit in perfectly. The anime follows the actions of a crime-fighting organization called “Libra” and their battles with monsters that come from beyond the other world through a place called Hellsalem’s Lot, which was once known as New York.

  • Toriko

Toriko might be a show just about food, but anime takes the plot to a level where the audience is still left watching. The anime follows the titular character’s adventures, who hunts down rare and different kinds of food that will help him make a full-course meal. Toriko is a man with impressive inhuman abilities, including his strength and his knowledge about various kinds of food and the animal kingdom. He is supported by a timid chef Komatsu who, in order to improve his culinary skills, joins in the adventure with Toriko.

  • The Future Diary

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

The Future Diary is a dark psychological show in itself, but the main character carries traits very similar to My Hero Academia’s Deku. The anime follows Yukiteru Amano, a 14-year-old who is much like a loner himself and falls on the weak and timid side. He maintains a diary of his day to day activities. Still, the same diary carries him into a game of survival with a few other diary holders that range from cops to samurai to serial killers.

  • Fairy Tail

Another popular and well-known Shonen anime is known for its comical elements, heartfelt romances, and magician kinds’ actions. Fairy Tail might not have superheroes, but it does have magic warriors who all have their own different kinds of Magic to themselves, and they help in the well-being of their guild and the world.

Fairy Tail follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, who is a dragonslayer and part of the popular wizard guild “Fairy Tail.” He embarks on an adventure on earth to find his father, the “Dragon” Igneel, while also accomplishing missions with his friends, which are allotted by the Fairy Tail guild.

  • The Seven Deadly Sins

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

The Seven Deadly Sins is another popular anime show on the list. The anime focuses on a titular band of knights who were disbanded when they were accused of overthrowing the ruler of Liones Kingdom. The Holy Knights, who were manipulated by a Demon called Fraudrin, kicked the Seven Deadly Sins out before any further actions. Ten years later, the third princess of the Liones Kingdom, Elizabeth, finds Meliodas and starts looking for other members so that they can clear their names and save Lioness from the Holy Knights who are on the verge of unsealing the Demon Race from prison.

  • World Trigger

Top 30 anime just like My Hero Academia

World Trigger is another show who has the main protagonist, more like Deku itself. Although the show is way longer than My Hero Academia, the protagonist Osamu is the same alike Deku with weak and timid strength but definitely stronger in brains. But if we observe, Osamu is yet to pull off badass moves like Deku or maybe never in the world where a mechanism like a Trigger is used to gain supernatural abilities.

World Trigger is set in a city called Mikado City, where a gate to another world is suddenly open, which leads to the invasion of monsters called the neighbors. This leads to an on and off battle between the humans and the neighbors.

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