Another World Anime Reveals Teaser and Key Visual

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Handyman Saitō in Another World
Handyman Saitō in Another World; Credits: YouTube

Kazutomo Ichitomo’s Handyman Sait in Another World is a Japanese magical manga series. Since October 2018, it has been serialized on Kadokawa Shoten’s ComicWalker website and collected into seven Tankbon volumes.

C2C plans to release an animated tv series adaptation in January 2023. On January 8, the animation will premiere in Japan. Crunchyroll will broadcast the anime live as it comes on tv. 

Another World Anime Teaser

Another World Anime Plot

Starting with a simple thank you, this is the narrative of an average person’s fruitful life. Saito, the handyman, has always been nothing exceptional. He’s always had mediocre grades, mediocre athletic ability, and a mundane job. 

But his average journey takes an unexpected turn as he awakens in another realm. Soldiers, magicians, and elves follow him on quests that take him down into dungeons, and Saito discovers for the very first time what it is like to be desired. And besides, who else could be entrusted to enter hidden loot boxes or repair his companions’ equipment if not the handyman? 

Another World Anime Key Visual 1; Credits: Anime Network
Another World Anime Key Visual 1; Credits: Anime Network

Sait, an average handyman who is reborn into another planet, is the focus of the heartening another-world fantasy manga. He creates a dungeon exploration company with Raelza, a gorgeous and powerful warrior; Morok, a talented magician who conveniently forgets spells owing to senile dementia; and Lafanpan, a pretty but stingy fairy. His handyman skills come in useful when they have to unlock a locked chest or repair their armor.

Another World Anime Crew

The animation is directed by Toshiyuki Kubooka. The show’s composition and storyline are being handled by Kenta Ihara. The characters are designed by Yuko Tanabe. The music is composed by Tomotaka Ohsumi. The sound director is Yuichi Imaizumi. The anime’s opening song, “kaleidoscope,” is performed by Teary Planet, and the ending song, “Hidamari no Saido”, is performed by Konoco.

Another World Anime Key Visual 1; Credits: Anime Network
Another World Anime Key Visual 2; Credits: Anime Network

Ichitomo first published the comic on Kadokawa’s ComicWalker website in 2018, and the eighth volume was released on Friday. There are 450,000 copies of the manga in distribution, counting digital versions. 

Why Handyman Saitou in Another World is Worth the Wait

Benriya Isekai ni Iku by Saitou-san is a gust of new air in the isekai genre. It does not possess the typical OPness. When confronted with the weakest copycat, Saitou-san is helpless. Saitou, on the other hand, does everything that a handyman would do, from unlocking doors to repairing armor and weaponry.

It’s interesting to watch a normal person living an abnormal existence in a fiction game-like environment. In addition, the artwork is fantastic. At times, some areas were colored at random. It’s more like an artwork than a colorful drawing.

Unlike other isekai comics, Benriya Saitou-Isekai san’s ni Iku demonstrates that it is feasible to be unique without even being endowed with superhuman abilities. This gets our hearts beating a little faster. It could be because we would be chuckling so hard, but we aren’t checking this off our checklist quite yet.

Another thing we would like about this show is that it is amusing without being forced to make the laughs. The jokes also are positioned appropriately and do not get irritating. The entire series is full of plot twists and catchphrases that will undoubtedly make you laugh.

Even though the series is mostly amusing, there are numerous green jokes sprinkled throughout.  That may be an underestimation. At least one green joke which is toilet humor appears in at least a single of the five chapters. There are even chapters devoted to such green toilet jokes. The fans are hoping the anime to have a little less of that. 

Isekai ni Iku (Handyman Saitou in Another Realm) by Benriya Saitou-san focuses on being hilarious rather than delivering a tale. That is precisely why we adore it. It’s ideal for when you need to chuckle but don’t have much time.

We do wish to point out that the series is plenty of green gags and rarely has a serious plot. If you’re not into such a manner of subjects, you should probably put this back on the shelf. Those who are still children at heart, on the contrary hand, will find this enjoyable and the anime much more!

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