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Wheeler Dealers Season 18: Plot, Cast, And Details

Wheeler Dealers
Wheeler Dealers Still

Wheeler Dealers is a reality show which is telecasted on Motor Trend Network or Velocity Channel. It was initially a British TV series which is produced by Attaboy Television for Discovery Channel. The creators of the shoe include Daniel Allum and Michael Wood, both of whom are the founding directors of Attaboy TV.

The show was also known as Wheeler Dealers: On the Road. The first season of the show was premiered on October 7, 2003. The series has successfully completed seventeen seasons in total and has garnered a huge fan following among car lovers.

What is Wheeler Dealers Season 18 Plot?

The plot of the show is very simple. The face of the show, Mike Brewer, buys a vehicle that is old, inactive, and not eligible for the MOT test. He hands over the vehicle to his mechanic and his team, who would repair the vehicle. Brewer later sells the vehicle at a profitable price and gains windfall success in the process.

The series unfolds in two parts. In the first part, Brewer zeroes in on a budget finalize a vehicle he has in his mind and also provides brief reasons as to why he chooses the vehicle. He locates the vehicle, test drives it, analyzes repair costs, and finally negotiates the price to fix the deal.

In the second part of the show, Brewer procures some special parts required in the vehicle, visits different places, and also finds owners of similar vehicles. He also interviews them, and tests drive their vehicles. The finished vehicle is displayed on a turntable, and Brewer finds a potential buyer to sell the vehicle at a much higher price than the cost price.

Who is Wheeler Dealers Season 18 Cast?

The main mechanic of the show is Ant Anstead, who is also the co-presenter of ‘For the love of cars.’ He replaced another motor specialist and television presenter Edd China in Season 14. The technical advisor of the show is Paul Brackley, who appears as an Assistant to the mechanic every now and then.

When is Wheeler Dealers Season 18 update?

The Season 18 of Wheeler Dealers is slated to premiere on May 2020 on Motor Trend Network or Velocity Channel. Stay on Otakukart for the latest updates.