Kizuna AI’s Youtube Channel Surpass 400 Million Views

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Kizuna Ai
Kizuna Ai

From the official Twitter of Project A.I, the team of the producer of virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI announced that on January 17, they had surpassed 400 million views, which is the number of total views of her two official channels, “A.I. Channel” and “A.I. Games”.

AI-chan, thanks on her twitter, saying, “Surpassed 400 million views!! Thanks to everyone, we have come closer to our dream! !
Thank you so much always (´ڡ` ლ)”

Her most viewed video is a music video “AI AI AI,” her collaboration song with the producer Yasutaka Nakata. It was viewed more than 9.6 million times in nine months since March 2019.

“I want to connect with everyone,” with this idea, Kizuna Ai first started her activities on her official YouTube channel “A.I. Channel” in December 2016. Later she made a second channel for her gameplays and commentary “A.I. Games” in March 2017. The former channel “A.I. The channel now has 2.69 million subscribers and the “A.I. Games” have 1.42 million subscribers. Her famous video is

Kizuna AI

Kizuna AI is a Japanese virtual Youtuber and self-proclaimed artificial intelligence. She operates three Youtube channels, “A.I. Channel”, “A.I. Games,” and “A.I China.” Kuzina is said to be the world’s first Virtual YouTuber. Her

Kizuna’s video is similar to many other YouTubers, consisting of Q&A videos, discussions, and Let’s play videos. Fans contribute a translation for her videos as she communicates in Japanese. Kizuna also has performed at various Anime conventions and many game companies.

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