All American Season 2 Netflix Release Date
All American By The CW

All American has been renewed by The CW for its second season. So, we will be getting another season of the very popular show. It has grown in popularity because it is one of the few sports dramas on Netflix. The series is based on the true story of Spencer Paysinger and it follows a high school football player who has been recruited from Central America. The first season of All America was released on Netflix in the United States just after the finale of the first season aired on March 28th, 2019.

The fall of The CW gave away the return date for the show. All American is returning go The CW from October 7th. The new episodes for the show are going to air every Monday at 8 PM EST. We don’t know whether the second season of the series will have 16 episodes just like the first season or not. The CW didn’t renew its overall output deal with Netflix but, it will keep updating all the currents shows onto Netflix.

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All American Season 2 Netflix Release Date
All American Lead Cast (Netflix)

When is All American Season 2 Netflix release date?

All American Season 2 is expected to release on Netflix in February 2020. The show will air on Netflix after it has finished airing on CW. The season is expected to finish somewhere in February 2020 and it will be released on Netflix after that.

Who is the cast of All American Season 2?

The cast is as follows—
Daniel Ezra as Spencer James
Bre-Z as Tamia “Coop” Cooper
Greta Onieogou as Leila Keating
Samantha Logan as Olivia Baker
Michael Evans Behling as Jordan Baker
Cody Christian as Asher Adams
Karimah Westbrook as Grace James
Taye Diggs as Billy Baker

A lot of people are intrigued by why Netflix is the only one, who has a show in the United States. The reason behind this isn’t exactly clear but, it is probably due to the fact that American football isn’t really popular around the globe. It is growing in the United Kingdom but, it still hasn’t reached higher levels of popularity.


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