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My Hero Academia Movie 2 Announced And Details

My Hero Academia Movie 2 update

My Hero Academia recently got its first movie in 2018 called Two Heroes, and I thought it was a decent one. It was definitely not one of my favorites that year, despite how fans at Crunchyroll claimed it to be the best movie of 2018. Despite that, it was a good watch, and I’d enjoy watching a sequel.

Having read the title, you probably know now that there is going to be another My Hero Academia movie coming out, and it’s definitely a lot sooner than I expected. My Hero Academia is already going to have a huge 2019, and by the looks of it, a huge 2020 as well. In this week’s Weekly Shounen Jump issue, we got a scan that revealed key information on the new My Hero Academia movie. Apparently, it is heading our way in the Winter of 2020.

The staff will be pretty much the same as the first movie of My Hero Academia, and while that does sound great, it is also a big worry. Why do I say that it’s a big worry? Well, first of all, you have to remember that My Hero Academia Season 4 is heading our way in October 2019.

The production for the anime should be underway already, and the movie is coming just 2-3 months after that. So, the staff will need to be split, and some of the core members like Yoshihiko Umakoshi will have to move to the movie. Along with him, there will be others like Yuki Hayashi, Yutaka Nakamura and many others who will have to juggle more than one projects possibly and that may lead to a drop in the quality of the fourth season.

I have very high expectations for the next season as it covers my favorite arcs in the series, but I’d definitely not like to see it get butchered. I hope that it doesn’t affect the show too much. Other than that, I’m excited about the movie, and I hope it’s a bit better than the first one.

My Hero Academia movie 2 will be heading our way in Winter 2020.