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Demon Slayer Chapter 201 Spoilers: The Demon King’s Successor

In the previous chapter of Demon Slayer, Muzan has been finally slain by the Demon Slayer Corps. Although it costed the lives of several elite members (including Tanjiro), the corps rejoiced for a moment, as they saw Muzan disintegrate under the sun before their eyes. Is this really the end of the fight? Or is it just the beginning of another reign of terror? As it turns out, Muzan never planned to go down without a revenge plan. In Demon Slayer chapter 201, his plan will be revealed.

Last chapter, Giyu and the other members of the Corps mourned Himejima and Tanjiro’s death. Sanemi survived, along with other Corps members that are being treated. However, in Demon Slayer chapter 201, it was revealed that Tanjiro is still alive, but not as an ally. Revived as a demon, he will unconsciously attack Giyu. Inosuke will be able to save the Water Hashira in the nick of time.

As it turns out, Muzan injected all of his blood and power to Tanjiro before he died. This is to get revenge on the corps and to make Tanjiro his successor as the Demon King. As the only Breath of the Sun user, Tanjiro is expected to be immune to sunlight. Muzan’s theory became true because although the sun was able to slightly burn Tanjiro, it stopped after a few seconds. Together with Muzan’s blood, he will be an unbeatable demon, as shown when he was able to regrow his whole arm.

All the survivors armed themselves and prepared to fight Demon Tanjiro. Inosuke and the others will try to get Tanjiro to snap out of it, but the communication is no longer there. Unable to believe what happened, Inosuke and the others cannot bring themselves to kill Tanjiro. In addition, at this stage, the Demon Slayer Corps will be wiped out by Demon Tanjiro because of their injuries. Will Nezuko be able to save her brother? We will find out in future chapters.