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Black Bullet Season 2 Production, and Spoilers

Black Bullet Season 2 update
Black Bullet Season 2

We have good news for Black Bullet fans. The official announcement for Black Bullet Season 2 was finally made and is now making headlines across social media and the internet. Now I will be sharing with you guys more details about Black Bullet Season 2 when could you expect it to start airing. It has been a while since the first season ended and fans have been eagerly waiting for the day they will get updates on Black Bullet Season 2 news. We will also look at the plot for Black Bullet Season 2 as the story is likely to continue where it left off.

Black Bullet Season 2 Production

The first season was produced by Kinema Studio and lately, the Studion has announced on its twitter official page that they are looking forward to the second season. The crucial thing for a new season adaptation is usually source materials. Most anime that comes up with their second seasons are usually influenced by the sales of their unadapted source materials and the fan’s demand factor in as well. But for Black Bullet Season 2, the production team has already resolved the issue and announced that Black Bullet Season 2 will be surely coming back.

When Is Black Bullet Season 2 update?

Black Butler Season 2 will be released in July 2020. Kinema/Citrus Studio has announced that if Black Butler Season 2 will be coming. It will be by mid-2020 at the earliest. This means that if all goes well and there are no many interruptions and delays, then Black Butler Season 2 can premiere by July 2020.

Black Bullet Season 2 update

The production team has not yet revealed much of the details except for their estimation on when Black Bullet Season 2 will likely premiere. But as soon as more updates are made, we will be bringing you the news first hand. So make sure to frequently visit our site for the latest Black Butler Season 2 news.

What Will Happen In Black Bullet Season 2?

The anime was adapted from Black Bullet manga series so Season 2 will be picking off where the anime left. It is set in the year 2021 whee ten years have passed since the outbreak of the deadly Gastrea virus which attacks human DNA and turns them into monsters. Humans can only defend themselves with Varanium metal and Varanium walls have been built surrounding the city of Tokyo to keep the people safe. Things got worse when it was discovered that pregnant women who got infected by the virus gave birth to babies with superhuman powers known as Cursed Children.

This is where Season 2 will put more emphasis on and then the storyline is likely to pick up its pace and we will see how these superhumans blend into the ordinary human society. Will they help in fighting against the virus and its spreading? And what will become of these children? Well, I guess we will find out as soon as Black Bullet Season 2 premieres. An interesting turn of events is likely to develop from this.

Where To Stream Black Bullet Dub/Sub?

The first season of Black Bullet is available in both Dub and Subtitled versions on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime. It is likely that even Black Bullet Season 2 will be available across the same platforms. But so far there have not been any updates made on Black Bullet Season 2 English dubbed episodes. But as usual, they will likely release some time after the subbed episodes for season 2 are released.