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American Horror Story Season 10 Theme – What Will It Be About?

American Horror Story Season 10 theme

AHS also is known as American Horror Story is an American television series. This show is actually anthology horror genre type one. It was launched back in 2011. There have been so far been nine seasons of the show that have been released and the tenth season of this show is on its way.

In this post, I’ll be discussing American Horror Story Season 10 theme and other details regarding this show will be talked about. Also, spoilers of American Horror Story aka AHS are part of this post, this is a quick spoiler warning for all of you who don’t like spoiler content. Without delaying the post any more let us begin discussing the topic.

American Horror Story Season 10

American Horror Story Poster

The different thing about this show is that it has different themes each season and different characters are involved time and again. Thus, there will obviously be a whole new theme shown in Season 10. The new season of this show was announced back in August 2018 which is about just less than two years ago. News about the cast of this show’s tenth season was also revealed a bit in November 2019.

It has been confirmed that some of the cast members of season 1 to 3 will be returning for the 10th season of AHS also known as American Horror Story. This was announced in the view of the services provided by these veteran cast members of the show. Even the lead role cast has been revealed by the show makers and it will be Sarah Paulson that will be returning as the main lead of this show.

Some of the confirmed cast members AHS is also known as American Horror Story season 10 are Kathy Bates, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Evan Peters, Adina Porter, Angelica Ross, Finn Wittrock, Lily Rabe, and Macaulay Culkin. On top of this, there was more exciting news revealed foe the fans of AHS also known as American Horror Story, the news regarding the confirmation of more seasons has also been confirmed.

This was announced on 09 January 2020 that three additional seasons of this show will be making its way to the television as well. Them being season 11, season 12, and season 13. Now, let me give you details about the theme of the new season.

American Horror Story Season 10 Poster

American Horror Story Season 10 Poster

American Horror Story Season 10 Theme

Even though the official theme hasn’t been announced yet for the new season, there have certainly been some clues regarding what the new season could be all about. The quote that Ryan Murphy has given the fans to chew on for now is “Things are beginning to wash up on shore”.

This is all that is known about the new season in addition to the new image of being revealed as well. This image also doesn’t give us a certain picture regarding what is to come in this upcoming season. Talking in-depth about this picture we see a pair of hands coming out of the ocean and slowing crawling towards the shore. What do you make of this description?

It could mean that the new theme of the show is about zombies but also since these hands are crawling out of an ocean, mermaids could well be the theme of the upcoming season or even any other creatures. We can just make some wild guesses about what the season will be about but at least the fans now have an image pertaining to what the theme of the upcoming season will be about.

This is the only piece of information regarding this topic available so far. Season 10 is scheduled to come out in 2020. With Covid19 pandemic aka Coronavirus pandemic going on right now, this could well halt the progress of the show and delay in the release of AHS also known as American Horror Story Season 10 could well be on the cards which could make the fans of this sad quite upset but that is just a possibility. Let us talk more about the show below now.

American Horror Story Season 10 Cast

American Horror Story Season 10 Cast

American Horror Story Details

Creators of AHS also known as American Horror Story are Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. A total of 9 seasons has been released so far with 103 episodes in them in total. Executive producers of this show are Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Dante Di Loreto, Tim Minear, James Wong, Jennifer Salt, Bradley Buecker, Alexis Martin Woodall, Crystal Liu, Adam Penn and John J. Gray.

The main producers of the show are Ned Martel, Robert M. Williams Jr, Patrick McKee, and Alexis Martin Woodall, the last one was just involved in the first three seasons of the show. The cinematography of the show is being handled by the likes of Gavin Kelly, Micheal Goi, and Christopher Baffa. Editors of the show are Bradley Buecker, Adam Penn, and Doc Crotzer.

The approximate runtime of this show is 37 to 73 minutes. Production companies of AHS also known as American Horror Story are 20th Century Fox Television, Ryan Murphy Television, Brad Falchuk, and Teley-Vision. The distributors of this show are 20th Television. The show is being broadcasted on FX. Now, let us talk about the 9 seasons released so far below:

  • Season 1 Murder House – Ran from October 2011 to December 2011 with 12 episodes.
  • Season 2 Asylum – Ran from October 2012 to January 2013 with 13 episodes.
  • Season 3 Coven – Ran from October 2013 to January 2014 with 13 episodes.
  • Season 4 Freak Show – Ran from October 2014 to January 2015 with 13 episodes.
  • Season 5 Hotel – Ran from October 2015 to January 2016 with 12 episodes.
  • Season 6 Roanoke – Ran from September 2016 to November 2016 with 10 episodes.
  • Season 7 Cult – Ran from September 2017 to November 2017 with 11 episodes.
  • Season 8 Apocalypse – Ran from September 2018 to November 2018 with 10 episodes.
  • Season 9 1984 – Ran from September 2019 to November 2019 with 9 episodes.