One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 6 update, Spoilers And Updates

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 5 aired today and the episode is a hit and miss for me. There were certainly some moments that I enjoyed, and some that I found weird. Again, my main gripe with this season comes from the animation of the show and the pacing of the story. Ignore those two aspects, if you can, and you have yourself a decent season. In this post, we’ll be discussing the spoilers for One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 6, so let’s get started!

Before we begin, please note that this post may contain official spoilers from the upcoming arc of the anime. If being spoiled is not for you, I suggest that you stop reading the post here. However, if spoilers don’t bother you, we can get started. Also, note that we did not create the spoilers or leaked them. They’re available all over the internet.

One Punch Man’s next episode will focus some more on Garou and we’ll see a more fleshed out character for him. We know that Garou fought Metal Bat recently and that fight was interrupted by the centipede.

Tatsumaki makes a return, and it seems she has a very important part to play from her on out. After Metal Bat’s passing out, the events play out towards Garou rescuing his sister later on. Saitama wants to join a fighting tournament on the behalf of someone else and he needs a real challenge to see if someone is capable of giving him something to worry about.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 6 airs on May 14, 2019. You can stream the episode on Funimation or Crunchyroll.

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