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Assassination Classroom is a popular anime that features a yellow creature that claims to have destroyed the moon. It stays a crescent moon forever now as 70% of it is mostly gone. This creature takes over class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School and their goal is to kill their teacher. Koro-Sensei has claimed that the world will be destroyed in a year if no one is able to kill him. An interesting training starts for the class as it is less about their exams and more about physical training.


One of the most outstanding, creative, and well-implemented ideas for an anime plot lies in Assassination Classroom. The simple concept turns out to be an anime filled with fun, humor, emotions, sci-fi, suspense, and thrill, making it a complete package of entertainment for its viewers. Koro-sensei serves as the plot device for this series which has been beautifully used by the creators to not only progress the story but also combine various other elements and emotions in the anime making it much more lively and enjoyable.

The anime doesn’t limit itself to pure action since its concept is entirely based on someone’s death but rather gives us an idea of what a perfect teacher looks like. The idea of creating a character impossible to be defeated by humans and making him use his capability to change the life of certain students is what makes this anime so amazing. The story progresses at a nice pace, neither too fast and neither too slow allowing us to enjoy it without feeling bored. The continuous attempts of the defense ministry as well as class 3-E, keep us engrossed in the series and bring many moments where we think that Korosensei is defeated but in the end…………….. Another reason why this anime is not boring even for a minute is its humor.

The creators ensure that every episode is extremely engaging, capturing, and lovable, maintaining the balance of suspense, action, comedy, and learning. The series is categorized as ‘shounen’, however, it has broken most cliche aspects of typical shounen anime. Most other shounen anime has action, suspense, and adventure as their shining elements but Assassination Classroom’s shining elements are comedy, story progression, characters, and plot. This aspect itself makes it a much more interesting shounen and separates it from the bunch.

Now don’t get me wrong, the series doesn’t ignore the action, suspense, drama, and other features found in shounen. Instead, it distinguishes itself by prioritizing other important aspects as well which in turn makes this story much more memorable. The anime has a lot to offer with almost no fillers and absolute enjoyment for its viewers.

The depiction of the bond between Korosensei and the class as a whole along with his bond with other characters and students individually is exceptional good. Another admirable factor about Assassination Classroom is its life learnings given by Korosensei. They are the reason why the bond between Korosensei and students seems so special. Food festival arc, the principal’s arc, Etona’s arc, vacation arc, etc. Bring the most out of this anime and draw out our attention to students’ continuous efforts to beat Korosensei.

However, the best part of this anime is its climax and its execution. In my opinion, Assassination Classroom has THE BEST ENDING OF ANY ANIME. I won’t spoil the end for you but if you have started watching this anime or wish to watch it, I request you to watch it in continuation. The climax would feel fantabulous if and only if you watch it continuously without a break as the second season builds the climax exceptionally well. Overall, Assassination Classroom is a masterpiece. If you have this anime on your watchlist, make sure it’s among the top since it’s worth your time.


Fantastic animation! The fight scenes are choreographed skillfully making them even more memorable. The direction is amazing and adequate without any unnecessary visual effects or sounds. The drawings are quite precise and errors are nominal. A great experience was provided by Lerche.


The themes and background music is great. The scenarios where the situation tenses up have been backed by a perfect theme to make it even more effective and impressive. Required moments have sufficient sound effects that enhance the mood well. Finely created and utilized.


Characters are one of the strongest elements of the show since it has over 30 characters directly related to the main story. Having many characters or the inclusion of more and more characters in the main story can sometimes turn out to be a bad decision since it makes the task of providing an equivalent spotlight to every character much more difficult. It can also lead to a situation where either a side character doesn’t get the required screen time or it can completely overshadow other characters in the story.

However, Assassination Classroom handles that task so skillfully that each student gets their own screen time, moments to shine and opportunities to be appreciated by the viewers. The anime only contains 47 episodes yet it manages to provide us with a good idea about every character and their personality, strengths, weaknesses, and backstory. All the characters are amazing as well as important to the story but I will provide you with a gist of the main ones.

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