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If you love exploring new anime and you haven’t really watched Maid-Sama, are you even an anime fan? In this post, I have included my experience and some other details regarding anime. So with no further delays, let’s get started! Whether it be a shoujo veteran or a romance anime newbie, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! (just referred to as Maid-Sama!) is an anime for anyone who enjoys their rom-com. The anime follows our debt-ridden “Demon President” Misaki Ayuzawa as she secretly works part-time at a maid café to support her family. Unfortunately, her secret is soon discovered by Takumi Usui, a popular boy at Seika High. The plot is foreseeable, and the character tropes are common, so you may ask why should I watch it? The predictability is the charm of this anime.

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The characters are the perfect depiction of their cliché, with every characteristic that makes their trope popular, and none of what makes them boring, and that is extended to the entire cast. All the characters are lovable, and their interactions are a delight to watch. The romance between Misaki and Usui is obvious, endearing, and leaves you wanting more after every episode. Their personalities fit like two pieces in a jigsaw – only together are they complete. Misaki’s fiery temperament is perfectly complemented by Usui’s cool and composed nature. Their chemistry, while seemingly oblivious to Misaki, is evident to the viewers and adds to the experience of watching this anime.

The art and direction add to this, and some of the most emotional moments shine through because of it. They bring the electric emotion of Misaki and Usui’s chemistry without a single spoken word between the two. Another major element of anime is comedy. Whether the settings, the side characters, or even the art style, the anime uses everything in its arsenal to deliver us moments that are extremely funny and enjoyable to watch. The gimmicky nature of Misaki’s job leads to some of the best and most hilarious moments of the anime. They even have the characters switch from normal to chibi forms for comedic effects – witch success.

All in all, the anime left me switching from howling with laughter or squealing with uncontrollable exuberance at the sheer weight of their romance.

Music in Maid-sama!

The musical score for this anime, while solid, is not out of the box. The opening song “My Secret” by Saaya Mizuno is perfect for the anime and conveys the light and fluffy tone of the show with matching pretty visuals of Misaki and the rest of the cast.

Both the ending songs “Yokan” and “∞ Loop” by Heidi were more striking, as they aren’t the general shoujo anime fare. They were gritty and were paired with visuals seemingly dedicated to Usui’s perspective.

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