Spiderman PS4 To Get A New Far From Home DLC

Spider Man: Far From Home released in the theater and it has been praised by the critics. In this celebration, the Insomniac’ Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 will be getting something that they never saw coming. It was revealed that Peter Parker’s new outfits from the film Far From Home would be available soon and it will be free downloadable content. This was revealed to us by the official PlayStation Japan Twitter account, and later that tweet was deleted. There are a total of two suits that will be coming with the DLC.

These two suits are called as the Upgraded Suit and the Stealth Suit. This back suit is a striking resemblance to the Steve Ditko character design that is from Spidey’s early days, as well as the black-on-black “Stealth Suit.” Both will be available when the player has built the Advanced Suit in-game. Also, you won’t have to pay a single penny. Instead, these can be downloaded for free right now. With the addition of the stealth, the missions will be much easier as it looks natural in the game’s environment.

The company, Insomniac released the last Spider-Man DLC package in 2018. In that, we saw some more iconic characters such as Black Cat, a mafia takedown of the city, and the super-powered mob boss Hammerhead. Just like the main game, this DLC also was praised by the fans as well as the critics. And fans are wondering if they would get some more content for his beautiful game.

Well, even though it was released in the previous year, this game doesn’t fail to amaze me. And the way the story has been told, the devs have plenty of content from which they can create other cool stories. There is only a small amount of changes that there will be other future content in this game. The fans can only be hopeful that they will be getting some new content on Insomniac’s Spider-Man.

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