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Dr. Stone Chapter 159 Spoilers and Recap

Dr. Stone

Dr. Xeno and Senku wake up at the same time setting their eyes on nitric acid. Dr. Xeno decides to use science to create a weapon that kills and Senku uses science to things that help people. That is where scientists got separated because of different goals. Xeno and his group are are busy talking about how the team of superheroes manages to obey the command to stay awake all time.

This Sunday we will be focusing on Dr. Stone Chapter 159 a recap. Xeno is with his group naked in the forest but they are covering their private parts with tree leaves. Xeno is happy that he got platinum. Let’s take a look at what will happen below.

Dr. Stone Chapter 159 update

Dr. Stone Chapter 159 will be released on Sunday, 19 July 2020. Unfortunately, the spoilers of Dr. Stone Chapter 159 are not yet released they are released 3 days before the release of chapter 159. Keep in mind that a new chapter of this manga is released every Sunday.

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

Previously on Dr. Stone Chapter 158

Dr. Xeno orders his group to start producing a nitric acid on a large scale and take charge of the science and power of the military. Dr. Xeno is yelling that no one can stand on his way with his science. He also said that he is going to lead the new world with his science and he asked Stanley if he is correct. Stanley replied that it is true they are going to do it.

After Senku finished explaining his past life with Dr. Xeno, Lana keeps on wondering if Dr. Xeno is a former scientist of Nasa. She thinks that there is something interesting about Senku meanwhile Taiju and Senku are talking about the pro who helped them make the rockets. Stanley is ready for Luna to give signal him so that he can shoot Taiju.

Luna comes at the back of Taiju and they are both in a shooting range and Luna is practicing a pose on how she will point Taiju. Senku thinks that the medusa could be their ace in the hole if Dr. Xeno is their enemy. Luna tries to point at Taiju who moves rushing to the deck and Luna puts her finger inside her ear.

Luna tries to convince her self that she can point at Taiju but she keeps on failing. Stanley manage to spot Dr. Taiju and he is about to shoot but he heard someone shouting not to shoot. Dr. Xeno discovers that Taiju is a decoy the one that they are looking for is Ishigami Senku.

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