Was it Love Episode 4 Streaming Details

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Was it Love

This Thursday we will be looking at new Asian drama Was it love also known as We, We’re in Love. Noh Ae Jung went for an interview the interviewer asks her lots of questions and she answers them correctly. But when the interviewer asks if she is familiar with accounting software or a program like Microsoft excel. She replied that she has used PowerPoint in university.

The interview said that according to her CV she has dropped out of university. Noh Ae Jung said she has dropped out halfway through her senior year. Noh Ae Jung wanted to leave the office as she is disturbed by her past life. The interviewer asks her to shares with him why she has dropped out of university. She replied that she got pregnant and things were complicated for her. She has to raise her daughter alone.

She has to work for her daughter since her husband left her alone without caring about them. After she has explained how she has raised her daughter alone facing difficulties the interviewer stops her and told her to go. But he then stops her again and asks her why she wants to work as a movie producer. Noh Ae Jung explains everything that happened in her past when she was pregnant.

Her husband used to be a film star and did not care about her but she cares about everything he does and his films. That is when she has decided to be a movie producer. A single mother wants to give up on her dream, life, and family but she decides to set an example for her daughter. She wants her daughter to see her achieving her dream and she kept being rejected in every job she tries to get.

Was it Love
Was it, Love

The interviewer felt touched by her words and he decides to give her job. She went home with joy and share the good news with her mom and daughter. They both cried with tears of joy and they celebrated, the next day she went to buy a new dress for her new job. Someone from Ae Jung past who she hasn’t seen for 14 years shows up at her meeting with Cheon Eok-man, she knows that working with him won’t be easy.

Was it Love Episode 4 Streaming Details

Was it Love Episode 3 will be released on Thursday, 16 July 2020, at 20:30 PM South Korean Time. The latest episode of this drama is released on Wednesday and Thursday. You can catch the latest episode on South Korea Tv channel jTBC. This drama is coming to Tv for its first season. For those who are not around the South Korea region, they can use the streaming details below.

For those who prefer streaming and around not around South Korea. They can stream new episodes of Was it Love on Netflix with English subtitles along with the episode that is being broadcasted on Tv. You will be able to get two episodes in a week. You can also get the previous episode if you have missed them.

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