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PS5: New Games Are Already Under Development


Sony PlayStation 5 is one of the biggest topics which is being discussed in the gaming community right now, and with Mad Box coming into the picture, expectations for Sony’s next-gen console certainly increases a lot, and now, something huge is cooking in the Sony Studios. According to a recent report, Sony might be working on a new game which might be the first title for Sony PlayStation 5.


PS5 price


Currently, Sony is looking for a senior gameplay animator for its project which reportedly will be a 3rd person adventure game and along with this, Sony also mentioned that the upcoming project is a ‘high visibility project,’ which also involves a major Sony development studio. Also, Sony assured fans that they would incorporate their best talents and expertise into this project to make sure that the product has impeccable visual qualities which will set the bar pretty high.

Reports suggest that Sony will tease its next-gen console in the mid of 2019 and afterward will be revealing PlayStation 5 and this unannounced project could be a possible exclusive title for the console. Also, according to, studios already have the devKit of PS5 but, this is unknown yet so nothing concrete cant be said now.

PS5 update:

Now, comes the juicy part, the update of Sony PlayStation 5. Well, it is safe to assume that Sony PS4 is almost at the end of its cycle, so PS5 might release very soon, and if we take rumors and reveals from analysts into consideration then, the console would be fully revealed at 2020’s E3 event and will release either in the fall of 2020 or early 2021.

Updated on March 23, 2019:

PS5 Wireless VR Patent?

According to many online reports, PlayStation 5 is going to change the VR, and it will bring a Wireless VR device for the users. The US Patent and Trademark Office published a pending patent from Sony on October 11, 2018. The patent document describes a head-mounted VR device that can follow the user’s position and position of their fingers without a controller. A device positioned on the arm emits infrared light, which is captured by the VR helmet.

Sony’s patent confirms that the device is equipped with sensors on the wrist which can identify the position of the user’s fingers. This could change the way gaming is.

Updated on 12 April 2019:

We have been waiting for a update, but all we are getting is anticipations and predictions. However, we do have a Pastebin leak which might give us a more accurate update. I know that it is not a big deal to spread rumors on Pastebin, but we have already seen a lot of rumors so it is better to take a look at this too!

First of all, the story comes from a game developer who is working to develop a game for PS5 launch, and all the details are true based on his research. The new PS5 will have 7nm based Ryzen octa-core, 16-thread processor with the architecture targeting 14 teraflops, although the speed is not known. Also, the hardware would be efficient to provide 4K gaming, and could be updated to support 8K gaming.

It was proposed that Sony might be giving a small reveal till June this year, and would officially launch in 2020. The console will be priced at $499, which is $100 more than the price of PS4. Also, the DualShock controller would also have upgrades. There are some games which might be available to be chosen while buying, which are:

  • Gran Turismo 7 (with VR support)
  • PUBG free-to-play, 4K remaster
  • The Last of Us Part 2 remaster
  • Ghost of Tsushima remaster
  • 2-3 more AAA titles exclusively designed for PS5

Updated on April 25, 2019:
Amidst all the speculation that’s been going on surrounding the PlayStation 5, it has largely been suggested that the PlayStation 5 won’t be out anytime soon. Disappointing as that may be, we’re definitely not looking at a 2019 update for it.

As mentioned above, the proposed update is 2020, but even then, we think that the PlayStation 4 console can actually manage one more year, and push back the release of Playstation 5 to 2021. Of course, that’s just speculation, just like everything else out there about the upcoming Sony console.

Updated on 22 July 2019:

While we talked about the hardware of the upcoming console, we again have more news about its VR. PlayStation has never been solely a console, its accessories are a big part of it. The current VR headset for PlayStation, which is called PSVR has sold over 4.2 million pieces worldwide, which is more than the estimated figures for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Which means, Sony would not be letting that go.

The current PSVR would work with PS5, but Sony is working for new generation of VR as I already mentioned above. Apart from those details, we now have information that it will have sensors which can track where our eye is looking at, and will only load that place faster to make loading more faster. It will also improve the performance, as the refresh rate is supposed to be 120 Hz and viewing angle would be 220°.

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