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Uzaki Chan Wants to hang out Episode 4 Preview, and Spoilers

Uzaki Chan Wants to hang out

In this post, we are talking about Uzaki Chan Wants to hang out Episode 4  preview, and recap. Sakurai is busy cleaning the leftovers from the restaurant and Aima Asai is watching him. She is thinking that Sakurai has a serious personality and attitude towards his work. She is staring at Sakurai’s chest and she thinks his body is fine.

Aima Asai is 21 and she is a senior at Sakurai’s College she keeps on praising Sakurai that he is pretty hunky. She kept daydreaming about him saying he looks slim, but he is got proper muscles. The customers came and told Sakurai that they are ready to pay. He went there and help them like a pro.

Uzaki Chan Wants to hang out Episode 4 update

Uzaki Chan Wants to Hang Out Episode 4 will be released on Friday, 31 July 200, at 9:30 PM JST. The new episode of Uzuki Chan Wants to Hang Out is released every Friday. Make sure you proceed with caution because this post may contain spoilers of the upcoming episode. Take a look at more details below.

Uzaki Chan Wants to hang out

Uzaki Chan Wants to hang out

Previously on Uzaki Chan Wants to hang out Episode 3

Sakurai has more fans the girls came to the restaurant just to see him but he is not interested. Aima is jealousy of the girls that try to get Sakurai’s attention the boss came and told Aima to focus on her work. He told her to be careful in her work or she will lose track and she apologizes and get back to work. Uzaki came to the restaurant and greet everyone.

Sakurai with no interest in girls he asks why Uzaki is here and if she doesn’t have anything to do. Aima asks her self who is this talking to her dad and Sakurai. Aima’s dad greet Uzaki then Aima knows that they know each other. Aima’s dad told Uzaki to seat anywhere she likes as there are no many customers. Sakurai told Aima that Uzaki is a sophomore at our college.

Uzaki talks about the game she landed on Sakurai. Aima thinks that they are good friends as they are borrowing stuff. Amisa thinks that Sakurai and Uzaki can’t be just good friends she looks at Uzaki and notice that she is really cute. They both talked about how Sakurai do his loner things.

Sakurai catch a cold and Uzaki went to his apartment to treat him and she gave him food. When she tries to feed him he took the spoon and said he can do it himself. Later Uzaki massage Sakurai and her chest touche Sakurai’s back and he screams. The next day Sakurai gets better and he spends more time with Uazaki.

Uzaki Chan Wants to hang out Episode 4 Preview