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Read Kingdom Chapter 652 update, Spoilers, and Recap


From the last chapter of Kingdom the generals from Juuko City head out for a battle they promised each other that they are going to bring back Moubu’s head. Back to the present Man-U is with his army they are going to fight with Moubu’s army. Juuko Man-U army is with 30000 men and Moubu’s army is with 30000 men. Man-U is boosting his confidence that his enemies are facing Man-U the supreme commander.

The battle has now begun Moubu’s men are shouting that they must kill Man-U with his horse. Shinka killed the enemies that were shouting for Man-U to be killed. Shinka said Man-u makes his job difficult because he just came to the battle without waiting for the HQ signal. Man-U is happy that his army is dominating Moubu’s army.

In this post, we are going to talk about Kingdom Chapter 652 update and recap. Moubu’s life is in danger but he is not backing down from the battle. Juuko’s army has a great powerful defense line but also Moubu has his secret plan of this battle. Let’s see how things will go down below. First, take a look at the following schedule.

Kingdom Chapter 652 will be released on Saturday, 5 September 2020. The chapters of this Manga keeps on changing its updates sometimes it releases its chapters on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. But the two lats chapters were released on Saturday lets take a look at the following below.



Previously on Kingdom Chapter 651

Man-U told his army to have a good battle with Moubu’s army before Moubu gets tired. Moubu is angry looking toward Man-U at the other side. Man-U shouts that Moubu must wait for him he is coming to clash with him. Moubu gets angry and asks 100 riders to come with him he wants to clear the way toward Man-U.

At Moubu HQ the generals are wondering what’s going on and why Moubu changes his direction to the left. They think that another troop has shown up or something else. Sento-Un is at the left-wing and he heard a signal. He said he will see who will first get Moubu’s head he is charging towards where the battle is. Both armies hear something approaching and it is the Tou army with 20000 men.

Tou’s army is going to help Moubu’s army they look at Juuko’s army and said that is that the undefeated Juuko’s army.? One of the general notices that Moubu’s army cant win without Wei joining the battle. This is going to be a fierce battle Kouyoku is also there with 15000 troops and Hakurei with 15000 troops. We will see if Wei will also join the battle or if Moubu has another plan going on.

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