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Ninja Collection Episode 10 update, Preview, and Spoilers

Ninja Collection

With only 3 episodes left for Nija Collection to end its first season lets see how the Shinobi are doing their night duties here. A shinobi girl had a flashback of her past life when he was young she uses to see evil spirits inside her home. No one could see them except for her. Her parents who used to get along they kept on fighting and it affected her deeply. She grew weaker everyday and she felt as if she is dying and she asked the evil spirit if it wants to kill her it must just do it.

She manages to survive and the evil spirit was gone she notice a Shinobi nearby and she knew that he is the one responsible for the evil spirit to disappear. After that, the shinobi uses his power and disappears. The girl waited for him near the window hoping that he will show up again. After a few years of waiting the Shinobi shows up again and now the girl has become woman who has a daughter.

This post is about the latest development of Ninja Collection Episode 10 update, preview, and summary. Check the weekly schedule of this Anime before moving forward. In the city of Toyo is where dreams and greed mingle together. A group of Shinobi who have inherited old techniques is now on their duty in private. Let’s get into more details about this anime below.

Ninja Collection Episode 10 will be released on Sunday, 6 September 2020, at 12:00 PM JST. Note that every Sunday new episode of Ninja Collection is released. Take a look at the summary and preview below along with the latest preview.

Ninja Collection

Ninja Collection

Ninja Collection Summary

The Shinobi live a normal life like everyone they get into to their business every day as usual. They are in a school getting bored when the teacher is teaching them mathematics. They wish that it was time for lunch, one of the Shinobi spots another Shinobi lying down under the shade of the tree. He is surprised why the Shinobi from the next class is out during the class lesson.

The Shinobi notice smoke from a neighborhood and the clouds keep on getting darker. The teacher asks Yuma why he is standing up and the whole class started laughing at him thinking he was sleeping. Yuma told everyone that it is not the time for the jokes they must look outside and see what he is looking at.

The students continue laughing at him and he is worried that no one is able to see what he is seeing. The dark smoke gets inside the class and affects all the students. Yuma tries to tell all the students to hold their breath but he fails. The students started to change into zombies and they turn against Yuma.

Yuma tries to call his teacher but he is affected by the smoke. The students started attacking Yuma and a Shinobi appears. A Shinobi from the next class told Yuma to be quiet and close his mouth. The Shinobi use his ninja techniques and save all the students inside the class.

After saving everyone they laughed at Yuma without knowing what was happening. Yuma tries to explain but they still think that he is still daydreaming. Yuma went to the next class and find a Shinobi who save them. The Shinobi is gulping all the smoke inside his stomach. Yuma runs away screaming.

Ninja Collection Episode 10 Preview

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